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  1. New CSS kits

    DIY Speakers
    Does anyone have any experience with the new kits from CSS, especially compared to the old ones? Have heard good things about the Criton 2TD kit and it fits my application well, but I'd like to get some listening impressions before pulling the trigger. I'm curious about the 1TD and the P215 as...
  2. Sonosub Cat Tree build CSS SDX10

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hey guys, wifey says no to a boxed sub in the living room, so I came up with a compromise :D Since my wife is a crazy cat lady, I suggested I make a SISAL SUB (I'd use some parts from an old cat tree because it's hilarious)! Here goes... I'd like to keep it about 45" high, and need to use a...
  3. CSS Criton 1TD Build Thread.

    DIY Speakers
    I recently got my self a CSS Criton 1TD kit. Been a while as i have been building MANY other pairs of speakers & amplifiers I thought I would do a build thread of these pretty sweet little speakers. First off, I have to say I LOVE THIS 7" woofer, best bang for the buck and I have used it in a...
  4. HiSAF Sub - Hivi SP10 and CSS APR12 Build

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi there, I've haunted these terrific boards for years and thought I'd give back a bit. I wanted to share my HiSAF (High Spousal Approval Factor) Sub using a HiVI SP10 and CSS APR12 passive radiator build. I planned these subs for possibly 2 years trying to find a solution that would give me...
  5. CSS SDX10 with 2 PR from AE

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi I've a sealed CSS SDX10 sub that i'm quite happy with for the past year and odd. Recently i had a chance to buy a pair of AE 12" PR (PR12-970), and wish to use it with the existing SDX10. I have never used winisd to model a PR design and was wondering if someone could help me out here. Just...
  6. CSS V1 Build

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Got started on my CSS V1s this weekend. I was out at my parent's place and dad has a garage c/w with most tools we need and, more importantly, better woodworking experience. Doing the main cuts: Assembling Crossovers: Crossover Sitting in speaker, binding posts installed and mock up of...
  7. CSS Quartet

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I’m interested in building a new DIY sub and in particular was looking at the CSS Quartet 12B. I’ve previously built a 200 liter ported Tempest and a 55L sealed Shiva. My use will be for 2-channel music (90%) and 2-channel movie/game use (10%). The rest of my system is a Musical Fidelity...
  8. CSS SDX 10 Sealed Project with BASH300 amp

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    :help:Looking to build single CSS SDX 10 Sealed. It will be for music, not too loud. I would like to keep it as small as possible on the driver side. It can be taller than the driver (any height), and deeper (any depth), but it must be as 'skinny' as possible on one side. Any design ideas...
  9. CSS Criton.2 MLTL build

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Greetings from Sweden, After being very satisfied with the SDX12 subs I decided to also try a speaker kit from CSS. I love ribbons since before when I have owned a bunch of different XTZ speakers so this kit suited my taste and wallet. First of when receiving the kit I liked how well packaged...
  10. Special Offer on the CSS PA500 Plate Amp

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, We have 10 of these units available at US $200 (C $240) shipping included. You can order the PA500 from the CSS website or our ebay store. Bob
  11. CSS V series ML-TL with tweeter options

    Creative Sound Solutions
    We are pleased to announce the CSS V series ML-TL speaker kits. With the V series ML-TL there are 2 different tweeter options for those who would like to build the V series ML-TL. The first option is the LD22C tweeter for those wanting to use the NEW soft dome low distortion tweeter from CSS...
  12. SOLD: CSS SDX15 For Sale $180 OBO -- SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    All, I bought an Creative Sound Solutions(CSS) SDX15 while I was in college thinking that I would use it for a few months and then set it up wherever I move. Since then I have been in rentals and am moving in with my wife to a small house with our newborn. That means that it is unlikely that I...
  13. Criton and CSS Update

    Creative Sound Solutions
    We are pleased to announce that Al's hard work on the first 2 Criton kits is complete and you can see the results and options on this forum. Larger Picture Speaker Kit Builders Overview Our speaker kits fit into 2 main categories but we are planning to add a third. Once a design has been...
  14. CSS LDW7 new woofer $130

    Creative Sound Solutions
    The LDW7 is a high performance bass midwoofer for monitors and high-end hi-fi DIY speakers. FEATURES ·Symmetrical motor structure for optimal drive force balance with built-in aluminum field-stabilizing ring reduces even order harmonic distortion ·Centre pole copper cap reduces voice coil...
  15. CSS APR12 passive photos

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Just a few pictures of the APR12 from CSS Enjoy:T
  16. NEW CSS LD22C CSS LD22F tweeter compared to LD25X off axis

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Just finished doing a lot of testing on the LD22C LD22F tweeters and thought some may be interested in a look at them against the LD25X (discontinued) tweeter. More info from CSS will be coming but just had to give a little info These tests were done on a .25cft PE cabinet. :wave:
  17. CSS Quartet12XB Build

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hello, I was hoping to get some input regarding my latest subwoofer build. It is nothing to fancy, just the CSS Quartet12XB kit built to the recommended specifications. I finally good it all finished last night I started to listen to some of my reference scenes, the aquarium tapping scene in...
  18. CSS Customer Service A+

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi guys. It doesn't take much digging to see that Bob @ CSS cares about his customers and his business. If anyone encountered any problems with gear, he personally posts on the thread, offering whatever it takes for customer satifaction. My recent return/exchange went flawlessly, and he even...
  19. CSS Quartet12XC Subwoofer Build

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I thought I would post my sub woofer build since Bob was gracious enough to donate the driver to the InDIYana event as a door price. I won the Black Box speaker competition so I got first choice at the door prize table. Since Jeff B. took the driver up front at the event and gave it his approval...
  20. Has anyone heard the CSS Triton and the Statements?

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I would like to build a new centre channel for the theater downstairs, as the current one is woefully old and poor. I have Boston Acoustics VR-3's which are quite old and I cannot find a matching centre for them. So I've decided to build one and I've kind of settled on one of these two kits...