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  1. Well Go USA Acquires Remastered Cult Classic PHANTASM Series

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    Well Go USA acquires remastered cult classic PHANTASM series Dallas, TX (July 28, 2016) – Well Go USA Entertainment announced its acquisition of North American rights for Don Coscarelli’s legendary Phantasm series, including an all-new 4K restoration of the original 1979 cult classic Phantasm...
  2. What strange, wierd or cult movie do you like?

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    We all like the big block busters, some of us like foreign films but what about those personal indulgences for the strange, the weird or cult movies. Sure they're not for everyone and I know some of your friends and family don't get it, but they fascinate us. A few of my favs: The City of...
  3. Cult Camp Classics 4-Historical Epics review

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    I recently purchased this box set out of curiosity. I guess I would summarize by saying it's a real curio for film history buffs. Whether you want to spend $29.98 to satify your curiosity depends on how much disposable income you have for home entertainment. The reason I went for it was to...
  4. Short Ode to the Cult

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    To (I)B or not to (I)B? That is the question.:scratch: Whether 'tis nobler to assemble eight fifteen inch drivers. :T And to suffer the slings and arrows of a Thomasonian response. :hail: Or to boldly go where SVS has not been before. :blush: 'Tis a far, far better thing I do now than I...