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  1. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello all, I am finalizing the design of my new home theater and am considering a motorized curtain to cover the screen when not in use. I have chosen a framed screen with acoustic fabric, as i don't like waves that often come with roller screens, and speaker placement was much easier with them...
  2. Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    I'm unfamiliar with curtains in general but I need some. Several choices really. Have been looking at Rose Brand stuff mostly, like the Charisma, but there are several choices. Panne velour is like $18 a yard, crushed velvet $24, 25 ounce super black masking fabric $32, 32 ounce heavy velour...
  3. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have an 8 foot entrance to my soon to be theater room. I was wondering whether to put a door there (like closet door) or put curtains there. Not sure what would be better for the sound.
  4. Home Audio Acoustics
    I hope this is in the right section i wasn't too sure. I would like to add some curtains to my room, beginning with the 2 side walls, and possibly the rear. I only have one small window in the room, and most viewing is done at night so light block out isn't really an issue. What i would like...
  5. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hey guy I have been having an argument with my father about this issue for a few months now. We have finished the basement of the house and made a part of it for a HTroom. We want to put curtains up behind the tv and on the side where the stairs is located (look at the pictures to see what I...
  6. General Screen Discussion
    I don't mean to pollute the forum with a ton of threads. This one though is a nice item for more than just DIY Screens, it can be a cool system for commercial screens or even larger wall mounted flat screen TVs. This remote controlled drape motor works with any standard curtain traverse rod...
1-6 of 9 Results