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  1. Samsung
    Good morning, I'm having what seems to be a rather common problem with the HL56A650. We've had this set for about 4 years, it operated flawlessly until few weeks ago when our power fluttered off and on several times. After this the set will start, a picture will come on the screen for about 15...
  2. Samsung
    Hey guys. I am a fellow DLP owner and fixed my green checker board problem thanks to this site with a reflow. However now that I no longer have a green checkerboard, my TV will not stay on. The TV turns on, the picture freezes, the set turns off (no power down ring tone), then powers back up. I...
  3. Samsung
    I bought a Samsung PN50A550 from Circuit City last year, and it started having a serious problem after only 7-8 months -- just in time for CC to go out of business. Each time I turn it on, it cycles on and off 3-6 times, screeching and flashing a green screen, then eventually stays on to work...
1-3 of 3 Results