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  1. Viewing saved peak data from RTA spectrum

    REW Forum
    I have saved RTA spectrum views with the SAVE button, and then these are saved in an *.mdat file, but I haven't worked out how to view this saved "peak data" again in the RTA, if indeed I can. There is a hint on p.158 of the PDF V5.19 HELP file "The saved measurements can be used as references...
  2. REW SPL Data Logger to Cal AVR Speaker Levels

    REW Forum
    Well, I’m deep in the process of trying to integrate 2 different subwoofers with an existing 7.2 home theater system using a miniDSP 2x4 DSP for the subs. However, that’s not what this post is about. During this process I decided to do baseline measurements of the existing speaker settings...
  3. retrieving data

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am running REW on ElCapitan OSX, I had an unexpected power off on my computer, is there a folder where REW save temporary measurements? I didn't save them, but I need to retrieve them. Thank you.
  4. Data Offset +315dB data way out of range

    REW Forum
    Hello I am trying to get some decent data using REW (latest) on an iMac, and using a Behringer ECM8000 Mic attached to Focusrite Clarett8Pre, The data I get is way off. When I generate e.g. the waterfall, the data is out of bounds. The diagram is limited to 180dB max, but the info button tells...
  5. Extending REW to import custom data files

    REW Forum
    Hello, Is there a way to extend REW to import custom test data? Does REW provide a plugin interface or programmers API? We have legacy data from APx500 measurements that we'd like to import directly. Currently, we have to save the APx500 project data to *.xlsx (with multiple Excel sheets)...
  6. [REQ]: Adapt REW to show data for non mic inputs

    REW Forum
    I've been using an accelerometer recently like this article - http://www.audioxpress.com/assets/upload/files/George%20NtanavarasAccelerometer.pdf Based on this experience, there are 2 features that would make this easier in REW 1) allow the user to specify the input sensitivity directly, e.g...
  7. Exporting phase data only

    REW Forum
    Hello, is there a way to export only phase data from a measurement? I tried to export the minimum phase "Measurement as text" , but i get the spl data also. What i need is an impulse response as wav or text which has the minimum phase data of the measurement but flat frequency response. Then i...
  8. Ideal Impulse Decay & SS&I improvements - Data Inside

    REW Forum
    Did a ton of testing last night... all left channel... searching for reflections and concluded a bunch of things that I want to share but first I must ask... What is the ideal -db drop from the initial peak to adequately control reflections and also does this -db change with time as in the...
  9. Data Supporting a Single Setup Mic Position for Audyssey or Dirac Live

    Audio Processing
    NOTE: Not for Dirac Live after all... The initial measurements taken when this report was first posted seemed to support the use of a single mic measurement position for getting good results with Audyssey and with Dirac Live. More recent measurements and experiences have shown that this is not...
  10. Box data files for Theater 1 for use in CARA

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, i want to simulate my Teufel Theater 1 surround system inside the CARA simulation program. Does anyone happen to have the box information file for those speakers? They are not coming with the application and maybe someone has created a file for those speakers already. If not, i would have...
  11. Changing SC07 settings after analyzing REW data

    REW Forum
    Hello all, I'm a first time REW user (would that make me a REWbie?) and plan on leveraging the data as best I can to optimize my HTS and room environment. I haven't taken any measurements yet, but have the setup working to start tomorrow (as long as environmental background conditions allow...
  12. To Unlimited Data plan or cancel

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I touched on this in another thread and didn't want to get it too OT, so I'm posing the question here again. I have the Grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan for Wife and me, and 3gb for Daughter, all ending up to be $209 after all the secret fees. I could drop this down to $150 for unlimited...
  13. New XTZ Cinema Subwoofers CEA2010 Measurement Data

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi Everyone, Here are the original measurement data of the upcoming XTZ Cinema Subwoofers. These subs offer a perfect balance of brute force high SPL with ultra low distortion and accurate and tight low bass, even at potentially ear damaging high volumes. XTZ Cinema Series - Ultimate Hi-Fi...
  14. Sweep lengths,File sizes and Data Disparities

    REW Forum
    (smoothed 0.2ms for easy comparison) These graphs were taken one after the other. No changes at all. Red = 128k Orange = 256k Green = 512k Blue = 1M Why do the reflection levels change based on measurement file size? The data for the other measurements changes as well.
  15. Exporting Recorded data

    REW Forum
    Hello I use the REW for a while now, and it's fine. But since a while i use matlab for study. I want to try a few sound things in matlab. So i want to export the raw data (recorded data and send data) since the export impulse response is a few steps further… I hope this is possible...
  16. Reading REW data

    REW Forum
    Hallo all. I think I need some help to understand what to read from this data. Is this a good or a bad room? What kind of treatment could be needed. Regards Kjetil
  17. Feature Request: Relative data

    REW Forum
    Scenario: make a measurement - select this measurement as reference data - make modification and another measurement - select second measurement as comparison data - execute relative comparison - output data view to show difference of comparison to reference data - will be shown as relative...
  18. Better streaming TV: data storage improvements, and speedier wireless connectivity

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Streaming or digital TV is likely the future of all television. Recently, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made such a statement that "apps" are the future of TV, and that today's channels (ABC, NBC, etc.) will be replaced by next-generation channels like: Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc. With the...
  19. FRD/ZMA data

    DIY Speakers
    I'm trying to use passive crossover design 7.0, I don't have any way to measure frequency response is there another way I can get the data to import? Or should I look into other options to help design a crossover?
  20. Audible Image & Data, Inc.

    Hello Forum!! I'm looking forward to reading and contributing!