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  1. FS: SVS db12.2 Drivers

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I upgraded my SVS 16-46PC+ subs to Plus 12.3 drivers, so now I've got a pair of SVS db12.2 drivers for sale. I'm asking $75/driver + shipping. They will ship in the boxes the replacement drivers were shipped to me in. Local pickup available. I'm in the SF Bay Area, California, USA.
  2. Old db12.2 vs. newer 12.3 woofer in 20-39 PC-Plus

    Hi: Just wondering if it would be worth changing out the older db12.2 woofer for the current 12.3 woofer?. I have an older(2003) 20-39 PC-Plus sub, which I presume has the older woofer. Is there much of a difference sonically between the 12.2 and the 12.3? Has anyone here changed their woofers...