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  1. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I upgraded my SVS 16-46PC+ subs to Plus 12.3 drivers, so now I've got a pair of SVS db12.2 drivers for sale. I'm asking $75/driver + shipping. They will ship in the boxes the replacement drivers were shipped to me in. Local pickup available. I'm in the SF Bay Area, California, USA.
  2. SVSound
    Hi: Just wondering if it would be worth changing out the older db12.2 woofer for the current 12.3 woofer?. I have an older(2003) 20-39 PC-Plus sub, which I presume has the older woofer. Is there much of a difference sonically between the 12.2 and the 12.3? Has anyone here changed their woofers...
1-2 of 6 Results