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  1. Beringer DCX 2496. How to sum channels A and B low frequencies to sub woofer?

    Audio Processing
    Beringer DCX 2496. How to sum channels A and B low frequencies to sub woofer? When using a single subwoofer as I am, isn't it better to have both the left-hand and right-hand low frequencies going to the single subwoofer? Please correct me if I am wrong. At the moment only the right hand...
  2. REW equalizing with DCX used active

    REW Forum
    Hi all How is equalizing properly done when the speakers (bass and mid-bass) are actively crossed at e.g. 150 Hz with the DCX (using digital input)? Let's say the correction EQ filters are generated up to 300 Hz. Some will fall below 150 Hz, some above. What is the correct way of applying...
  3. Behringer DSP, DCX, DEQ Rack Mounting Bracket Ear Trimming

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    If you are interested in having your rack ears on your Behringer products milled down to look like traditional cabinet equipment, our member swatkins can accommodate you. He trimmed back the rack mount ears on my Behringer DEQ2496 and did a really nice job. If you need to keep your rack...
  4. Behringer deq 2496 or dcx 2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi guys anyone have experience with either of these? I have dual subs and I think they are running slightly out of phase with each other. Both of these units seem to be able to delay signal on each channel individually. But the deq has an auto eq, Rta, a nice display and lots of other features...
  5. REW with Laptop, DEQ and DCX?

    REW Forum
    Hello there, i have did a bit of reading and I currently do not have one of the suggested soundcards (laptop output only) That said it is going optical to the DEQ then DCX. I currently have a behringer phantom voltage supply (for laptop in, mic if needed) and the ECM 8000 mic. Is there a tested...
  6. dbx driverack PA+ vs. Behringer DCX 2496

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm looking for a sub crossover with EQ, and I have narrowed my search down to these. Opinions anyone? Thanks much, Chuck
  7. REW with the DCX

    REW Forum
    Does the REW program now communicate with the Behringer DCX2496?
  8. Building two subs, how?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi, I've two Tempest-X, DCX2496 and an EP2500 at my disposal. I have no idea if I'm going sealed or ported. Many people say "just build two sealed boxes, 8^3 each". I don't know. First, they'll be huge. Second, if I go ported, I'll get more output. I can add a subsonic (highpass) filter with the...
  9. How can I have 2 subs in 2ch system with DCX and 2ch preamp?

    Two Channel Audio
    I recently posted this at the audio circle forums but had no luck and after doing a google search I found this forum which specifically has a BFD thread. This is what I typed over at audio circle but if you guys need more info let me know. I am in the process of doing a major upgrade to my 2ch...
  10. dcx 2496 LCR + sub

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hello folks, I 'Ve been reading some pretty interesting stuff about the behringer dcx 2496. I would like to use one to bypass the bass managment of my HT receiver for the Left Center and Right Channel (and also some parametric EQ). Basically, I would like to filter those three channel and send...
  11. DCX 2496 for dummies

    REW Forum
    Hey Wasn't quite sure where to make this thread.. if this isn't the right place I hope a mod will just move it. I just got a Behringer DCX 2496 - and I want to connect two subwoofers to it. I have OUTPUT 1 (Left subwoofer) & OUTPUT 2 (Right subwoofer). They are connected to the EP2500 which...
  12. DCX Electronic Crossover and Bi/Tri amping

    DIY Speakers
    As a way to speed up my prototyping, I was thinking about getting a DCX2496 electronic crossover and bi/triamping speakers. If nothing else, it would be fun to play with. I had a few questions for owner or just bi/tri amp people in general> 1) Bi or triamp a three way? Based on available...
  13. BFD or DCX or DEQ ???

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Ok... I got a great deal on 4ea Crown XLS202D amps and thus my plans for my HT system have suddenly changed. I found Home Theater Shack and have become very interested in the REW/BFD abilities in liew of my previously planned Velodyne SMS-1 option for sub EQ. Yes, a slippery slope. Now I am...
  14. dcx 2496 software upgrade help

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    hi guys, this is your resident computer idiot asking for help. I want to upgrade the software on the dcx 2496, the latest is v1.16a or whatever, mine out of the box is v1.14. I think the latest upgrade has as part of the package the on-screen editor, which I have and use with the computer...