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  1. REW Forum
    In examining the sound decay in my listening room of an open baffle loudspeaker system with the REW software I have observed that some resonances appear to increase in frequency with decay whereas others appear to decrease in frequency. The attached views show these phenomena. The first shows...
  2. REW Forum
    open 2 measurements go to the decay chart and generate decay for each one using default values go to 1st chart, change slice interval, graph updates go to 2nd chart, slice is still at default change rise time, graph updates go back to 1st chart, rise time change from 2nd chart persists and graph...
  3. REW Forum
    I am in the process of building a dedicated HT. I took a measurement before and right after I installed the acoustic treatments. What surprises me is that there seems little to no decay below 200 Hz after some 250 ms in either situation. Can this be??
  4. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi everyone. Can I get some help in damping my cinema room? Although there is a 35dB swing around 50 Hz, it is the ringing that is worrying me the most. The room is mostly concrete and rings like a bell. The REW waterfall shows everything below 110Hz taking as long as 1500ms to decay...
  5. REW Forum
    Did a ton of testing last night... all left channel... searching for reflections and concluded a bunch of things that I want to share but first I must ask... What is the ideal -db drop from the initial peak to adequately control reflections and also does this -db change with time as in the...
  6. REW Forum
    Is there a setting that may help to improve the accuracy of the predicted waterfall decay shown in the EQ window after REW creates filters? For instance after I do a measure I have almost no ringing. The waterfall shows that at 300ms there's some at 20 Hz and a little left at 30 Hz. By 450ms...
  7. REW Forum
    Consider these 2 views of the same measurement This one uses the default settings (100ms rise, 500ms window) This one simply reduces the rise time to 10ms I understand this is an IR window question so I'm curious to know why this happens. Can anyone shed light on this?
  8. REW Forum
    Dear friends: I've made some amazing progress using Acourate Convolver to linearize the response of my speakers/room. Sonically it's the most transparent room correction I've ever heard. Actually, it's the most transparent and musically accurate system I've ever heard. I decided to do some...
  9. REW Forum
    I'm trying out REW, and am interested in hearing if you guys have insight into what I'm seeing with my waterfall graph. I've used other RTA software, but this is my first attempt with REW so apologies up front if I'm making silly mistakes. Here is the waterfall for my right channel: I've...
  10. REW Forum
    Any chances Burst decay and bandlimited ETC can be implemented into REW? I'm missing those two.
  11. REW Forum
    Hello Folks, REW is an excellent tool, but - from my point of view - lacks of a tutorial that guides the average mid-level audiophile user. Personally I feel the need to have a quick guide/easy tutorial on Basic Room Anylize & Correction, where the complex aspects related to RT60 and Decay...
  12. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Any thoughts on this topic? Which is more important?
  13. REW Forum
    Hi, REW - its a great tool. Yes, the decay, waterfall and spectrogram views are exactly what we are used to. I use them to get an idea of where modes are and how fast the frequencies decay. I would find it extremely useful if I had the option to "level" the original frequency response. I.e...
  14. REW Forum
    I've just started using REW so it is possible I haven't set it up correctly, however, this does not look right. Setup: loopback using USB soundcard (Roland Quad-Capture). Impulse Response: Waterfall: Since this is a loopback, the IR is very clean and essentially no energy after 1 or 2 ms...
  15. REW Forum
    When I'm targeting a room mode, I find it's easier to see what effect it had on the decay by plotting the spectral decay points for that frequency. Would this be a feature that could be added to REW?
  16. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, I have been researching how to reduce my decay time of the low frequencies( 100hz down to 30hz) in my room. I know these frequencies are VERY hard to tame because of size and all that. I have read master handbook of acoustics etc etc, plenty of mfg's education articles and videos, but...
  17. Home Audio Acoustics
    Dear all, my HT is now finished (see pic). Using my behringer I managed to greatly equalize and improve the bass response. I now have a very decent curve with good decay times from 30Hz and up... However, the REW waterfall plot shows problems below 30Hz, with decay times around and above...
  18. REW Forum
    I EQ'd my sub a while ago based on the frequency response graph alone before understanding the importance of using the waterfall plots. Now I'd like to get some advice on the matter because subjectively, the bass still sounds a bit hot in spots. So here is what I was dealing with (FR plot of...
  19. Home Audio Acoustics
    I know that the first priority of room acoustic correction is to eliminate obvious ringing and FR errors. But, how can the optimum decay time for a given room be calculated, or is the answer "it depends"? The room is a dedicated 7.1 HT and is used exclusively for video/movies. Thanks.
  20. Pro Audio
    I know that the first priority of room acoustic correction is to eliminate obvious ringing and FR errors. But, how can the optimum decay time for a given room be calculated, or is the answer "it depends"? The room is a dedicated 7.1 HT and is used exclusively for video/movies. Thanks.
1-20 of 22 Results