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  1. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi everyone first post here in the forum but i could use some help with making some changes to my setup. I assume that everyone can see my current setup. I have just sold the Bose 301's and the Klipsch B-3's. that leaves me with the Polk cs-2 center and Polk rm7 sats in the rear. I've been...
  2. Home Audio Speakers
    Hey guys, Need to know if I need to buy an amplifier for my speaker set up. Just to give you an idea of what I have right now: Onkyo NR609 *All Speakers are Def Tech 2 BP8060st floors 1 CS8060HD (center) 4 Front Back/Surround (Pro Cinema 600 series) 1 ProCinema 600 series subwoofer I just...
  3. Audio Processing
    I specifically purchased an Onkyo TX-NR709 so that I could take advantage of the Audyssey MultiEQ. After reviewing my speaker manual for my Def Tech BP-8060ST's which does not have much detailed information, the manual says:"VERY IMPORTANT - Do not use your receivers auto setup functions as they...
1-3 of 3 Results