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  1. Audio Processing
    Ok...with a disc player and a preamp processor that does Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-Master HD Audio, plus all of the legacy formats, what is the default audio for the newer movies encoded with Dolby Atmos? I'm guessing Dolby TrueHD? How much audio (if any) are we missing by not having the latest...
  2. REW Forum
    I used REW few years ago but I'm still a newbie. Currently I want to set up REW again but I'm aksing my self, which of the default settings I should care about. Ofcourse I have to set up the 'Soundcard' parameters and load a calibration file for the MIC. But what about the settings tab 'House...
  3. REW Forum
    In the EQ windows under filter tasks, I believe the default REW values for individual max boost is 9dB, overall max boost is 0dB, and flatness target is 3dB. John, were these values chosen due to them being optimal for most situations or was it more or less randomly chosen with you expecting us...
  4. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    What are the pros/cons of simply using the default plot WinISD gives for a particular driver in a particular alignment. Please, for now, ignore room gain as well as room peaks and nodes
  5. REW Forum
    I have my RS SPL METER 33-0225 hooked up to my soundcards blue Line-IN using a Mono RCA - 3.5Mm Male. Then I have my Coaxial out connected to a stereo-system. It's a nice one too. This seems to create realllllly messed up logs.
1-5 of 6 Results