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  1. Home Audio Speakers
    Any members out there have an idea of what a pair of Mythos ST-L would be worth now. Have an opportunity to purchase a pair and also have a thought in my mind as to what they are worth. Just want to make sure I am not out of my mind. Speakers are 9 to 9.5 condition. Thank you in advance.
  2. Great Deals and Specials
    I had purchased the Definitive Technology 7.1 Speaker system to build a home theater system. But end of the day it did not happen. I even did not open the boxes. Now selling. It has the following speakers: 1. BP-9020; Quantity - 2 2. A-90; Quantity - 2 3. SR-9080; Quantity - 24. CS-9060...
  3. REW Forum
    Hello. I recently purchased the Dayton IMM-6 measurement microphone, and now I don't know what to do with my measurements. I've measured my Def Tech ProCinema 80 subwoofer inside my room, and outside, away from reflections. I don't own any sort of DSP or EQ hardware, and I'm running Mac OSX...
  4. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    http://www.hometheatershack.com/news/SAFETY-RECALL-NOTICE-SuperCube2000_large.jpgApproximately 900 SuperCube 2000 subwoofers are being recalled by Definitive Technology (DEI Sales), of Vista, California. The unit's level input jack (RCA) has an internal failure that makes it a shock hazard to...
  5. Home Audio Speakers
    Hi I am new to the forum and new to purchasing some speakers for a home theater system. I just purchased a Onkyo NX-TR717 receiver and am about to purchase a Definitive Technology home theater package that consists of two BP-8060ST towers with two SR8040BP surrounds and a CS-8040HD. The...
  6. Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey all! This is my first post and my first time building a home theater system. I wanted to see what your thoughts were on the following pieces for my new construction home as well as get some opinions on some questions that I have regarding my potential purchase: First, the goods...
1-6 of 9 Results