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  1. Behringer DSP, DCX, DEQ Rack Mounting Bracket Ear Trimming

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    If you are interested in having your rack ears on your Behringer products milled down to look like traditional cabinet equipment, our member swatkins can accommodate you. He trimmed back the rack mount ears on my Behringer DEQ2496 and did a really nice job. If you need to keep your rack...
  2. Behringer deq 2496 or dcx 2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi guys anyone have experience with either of these? I have dual subs and I think they are running slightly out of phase with each other. Both of these units seem to be able to delay signal on each channel individually. But the deq has an auto eq, Rta, a nice display and lots of other features...
  3. preferred Midi interface, REW->BFD, DEQ, FBQ ??

    REW Forum
    Hello Gents, Was trying to find the latest midi USB interface everyone prefers and where to buy. I've tried several times with an older (2yrs) roland UM1 to interface between a windowsXP laptop REW and BFD1124P. I'm usually pretty good with PC's and device driver problems, but this one was...
  4. REW with Laptop, DEQ and DCX?

    REW Forum
    Hello there, i have did a bit of reading and I currently do not have one of the suggested soundcards (laptop output only) That said it is going optical to the DEQ then DCX. I currently have a behringer phantom voltage supply (for laptop in, mic if needed) and the ECM 8000 mic. Is there a tested...
  5. Yamaha DEQ Gain Structure

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I was reading through the gain structure article in this forum and noticed a reference to my very own DEQ - the Yamaha DEQ7 (picked it up for $30 at a Music Go Round). Now, it was mentioned but not really explained what my optimal gain structure should be for an older piece of equipment like...
  6. Measured sub, but eq don't match DEQ 2496

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I have a measurement, so I click on EQ to smooth with the filters, but, how do I translate these into my DEQ2496? Frequencies easy, but BW60, they don't match, I got em close, it asks for BW60 at 11, I have 10. How do I add the House curve, I keep reading but it don't make sense...
  7. Alternative to BFD, FBQ, DEQ, Anti-Mode, SMS-1

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have found the Sabine GRQ-3102S. I was able to pick it up off ebay for under $80 shipped. It is an option instead of the BFD, SMS-1, or Anti-Mode.... It is a graphic/parametric equalizer (plus more) that you control by computer. There are no flashing lights or anything distracting. You can...
  8. BFD or DCX or DEQ ???

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Ok... I got a great deal on 4ea Crown XLS202D amps and thus my plans for my HT system have suddenly changed. I found Home Theater Shack and have become very interested in the REW/BFD abilities in liew of my previously planned Velodyne SMS-1 option for sub EQ. Yes, a slippery slope. Now I am...
  9. using the DEQ 2496 with rew, warning, mainly graphics.

    REW Forum
    hi everybody I am quite new to this game, but I must say with the excellent help available on this forum I'm very happy and just a little suprised with my progress. It really is an excellent program. I have posted before regarding poor soundcard response using the onboard soundcard. As poor...
  10. DEQ 2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have a DEQ 2496 and I am wondering how i can send the filter information over a USB to MIDI connection. Thank You