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  1. Using DEQ2496 “Dynamic Equalization” to improve listening to Harsh (strident) audio recordings.

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I like to share my experience with setup and usage of “Dynamic Equalization” of the DEQ2496 This article is for audiophiles who are already using DEQ2496 (2 channels) for room correction and equalization successfully and want more advanced usage to improve listening to Harsh (strident) audio...
  2. Behringer DEQ2496

    REW Forum
    I want to equalize the monaural sound system of a school auditorium. Does the Behringer DEQ2496 (a current model) work well with REW and would it be suitable for this? Thank you.
  3. Controlling Behringer DEQ2496 from listening position

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    The DEQ2496 front panel is connected to the main unit by a short flat cable. You can use the front panel as a wired "Remote Control" I extended the short flat cable with a 5 Meter flat cable and this way I have full control of the DEQ2496 when I am sitting in my listening positioning in my...
  4. Issue with Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496

    REW Forum
    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone here has experience with this equalizer. I'm have the equalizer located between my pre amp and amp in my system, and I cannot seem to get the LED meter (the two channel bouncing lights) to illuminate past the first light regardless of the volume of the system. Even...
  5. Deq2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    In REW: can DEQ2496 use the filters generated for DCX2496 (since DEQ in not listed as option on the EQ list)? Also, the DEQ has GEQ, PEQ and FBD. If entering the correction filters manually, should it be in DEQ or FBD ? Lastly, can the filters be exported via USB/Midi convertor set to DEQ...
  6. DEQ2496+ECM8000 as SPL

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi I have DEQ and ECM8000 which I know are working, the auto EQ is functioning OK. Tried to use them as a SPL meter (page 2 in "meter") but can't get any readings. The readings are constant abt 70dB under "A" weighting and abt 96 dB under "C" and "off", no level changes, frozen. Other two pages...
  7. Its so Hot out.... DEQ2496 set up for newbie

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I am looking for a summer project, I cant work in garage its too hot. Thinking about figuring out how to use an active crossover for a summer project. I have my zaph 2.5TTs that I built that came with pre built crossovers. Can anyone slowly walk me through how to set up a active cross over...
  8. Behringer DEQ2496.

    Classifieds - Wanted
    WTB: Behringer DEQ2496. As the tittle says looking for a used unit in great condition, preferably from a fellow Canadian. Looking to spend $175-200 depending on condition and age, I will also pay shipping.
  9. mixing room: DEQ2496 or FBQ2496?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Dear all, I have a mixing room in which I have to correct some frequencies. I did son room treatment to reduce reflections on medium-high frequencies but still I have some issues on the low end (standing waves). At the moment I am using parametric equalization via a software plugin and the...
  10. DEQ2496 with REW

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi, Has anyone used the DEQ2496 with REW? Thanks
  11. Behringer deq2496 as subwoofer PEQ

    New Member Introductions
    My first post. I just built a three-subwoofer stack per side using the GR Research SW-12-16FR servo speakers in an open baffle design. Although the servo amps come with defeatable built-in PEQ, I find that its range is not adequate to correct the freq response curves in my room. I have a DEQ...
  12. BFD & Linkwitz Transform in a DEQ2496?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    BFD & Linkwitz Transform in a DEQ2496 what i mean to ask is if i could implement BOTH BFD & the Linkwitz Transform in a SINGLE device, like the deq2496. while i have an old dsp21124, i would need something with shelving filter type functions, like a deq2496, for the linkwitz transform. i was...
  13. DEQ2496 and calibrated mics

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I'm trying to help out a customer, and since I'm a little out of my depth I figured I'd ask for help. A customer bought a microphone expecting that the mic had been physically modified to produce a flat response rather than relying on a correction curve to flatten the response. The issue is...
  14. DEQ2496 + REW

    REW Forum
    I was hoping that the new REW version (by the way john, congratulations) would support DEQ2496. It doesn't. I believe that the problem with using FBQ2496 via Midi is because the Midi controls differ from thos of the DEQ2496 so it is not possible to automatically download the filters. The same...
  15. Behringer DEQ2496

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    Please IM me if you have one and are looking to sell it! Thanks :)
  16. DEQ2496 and DCX2496 in signal chain. REW / sub EQ preference?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I am running source --> SRC2496 --> DEQ2496 --> DCX2496 --> amplifiers --> speakers 3 way stereo (6 channel) triamp. I want to use REW to EQ the low end, as I understand this is more accurate than letting the RTA on the DEQ handle these frequencies. As both the DEQ and the DCX are capable of...
  17. DEQ2496 blew Amplifier fuses, is it okay?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi all,:help: my AV sub out goes through a Art Cleanbox two way stereo converter RCA to XLR, and to the Behringer. As I was switch through filters in the PEQ, one of them made my IB drivers "Thump":yikes:. All was silent in my ceiling. Upon checking my Amp, I discovered the Time Delay fuses for...
  18. please help me with my behringer deq2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    sorry my bad english but lets try... i bought deq 2496 and when turn it on, empty display just blinks. only buttons that work is PAGE--> the behringer logo comes, and UTILITY (when pressing long enough)--> comes BOOTLOADER V2.2 ...... WAITING FOR UPDATE. Feels like there isn't software at all...
  19. DEQ2496 + ECM8000, what now?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi all, I'm new here. English is not my primary language so please be patient :innocent: I've just bought two behringer deq2496 and an ecm8000 mic to calibrate my home theater. One deq will be used for the front speakers and the other for sub and center speaker. Since I'm 100% newbie about...
  20. DEQ2496 and Beyerdynamic MMI Microphone

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi all, Sorry if these questions are a bit amateurish but I'm new to this. I recently purchased a DEQ2496 and a Beyerdynamic MM1 Mic for RTA room equalization measurements. I also own a Behringer ECM8000 but after reading how these were not that accurate I decided to get the more expensive and...