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  1. Any reason not to go to DEQ2496?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi guys, I've been considering moving from the BFD1124p to the DEQ2496. I've read a number of the "what about the DEQ" threads. In general, the 1124 has been good to me, but I'm looking for a couple features that I think can be had in the DEQ2496. I enjoy listening to 2-channel music, and...
  2. question on REW vs DEQ2496 BW(oct) units

    REW Forum
    guys, if you notice, the REW v4.0 filter parameters are either in Gain and BW/60 (when using BFD mode) or BW(Oct) when using FBQ mode. The DEQ2496 is also in BW(Oct) mode. one curious thing I noticed last nite when I entered a couple of new filter settings, is that the range on the DEQ's...
  3. Passing REW EQ settings onto the DEQ2496?

    REW Forum
    Is there a special mode i have to put the DEQ in to accept the signals from the REW EQ via the Midi-USB interface? is there another way to do this if not thru the midi interface? here is my setup:
  4. DEQ2496 best choice for room acoustics "fixing" used for speakers and sub?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Greetings! I was wondering if the DEQ2496 would be the best choice if I am not only trying to calibrate the sub but also tame my room to try to flatten overall freq response as much as possible. Regards
  5. New DEQ2496 User in Toronto, Canada

    New Member Introductions
    Am currently completing construction on a new, small recording room in my basement. Intend to treat the room extensively with absorption, but have purchased a Behringer UltraCurvePro DEQ2496 to help with the final tweaking of room modes. Will be using REW, in conjunction with ETF5 and RPlusD...
  6. Greetings from new DEQ2496 owner

    New Member Introductions
    I found this site searching Google for setup tips for my Behringer DEQ2496 that I recently purchased to assist with room correction for my 2-channel system (see bio). I'm hoping the Room EQ Wizard will soon support the DEQ2496, though I'm going to try it anyway as a stand-alone measurement tool.