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  1. Gran Turismo 5′s v1.06 Details

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Gran Turismo 5′s v1.06 Update Unleashes a Garage of Great Changes 02/20/2011 Written by Jonathan Leack As announced earlier in the week, the first big update for Gran Turismo 5 is now live. Numbered version 1.06, the update includes a garage of new additions and changes to...
  2. Screen suggestion -- lots of details

    General Screen Discussion
    I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge into a projector. I've been through most of the pros and cons on this and many other forums, and believe I've settled on the Panny AX200 for the placement flexibility and ability to deal with ambient light. My situation is that I'm converting a...
  3. Most ideal 720P FP for my theater/living room? Details given.

    Home Theater Projectors
    I'll list some details to help the knowledgeable make some reccomendations. 1. Room recieves a little ambient sun light during the day...can be cut down almost completely if needed. 2. Weekdays - night viewing only. 3. Weekends - sports throughout day and night. 4. Must be mounted on coffee...