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  1. Hitachi
    Hi all, Thanks to your forum I've been able to somewhat deduce my issues, but I wanted a 2nd or 3rd opinion before I proceeded with buying a replacement board. I received the prevalent 3-blinking light pattern a week or so ago. So after opening it up I noticed the two 3300uf capacitors on the...
  2. Panasonic / Technics
    I've been searching for information on a convergence issue that suddenly appeared on my TV (a Panasonic PT-56WX52CF) but haven't found a definitive answer. Symptoms: Issued appeared suddenly with no adjusting or moving of the TV Picture is good on the left side of the screen but gets...
  3. Mitsubishi
    I have a Mitsubishi WS-55809 (made in 2002). I bought it at a discount in 2005 when the original owner started to have convergence problems. I raised it off the ground to help it circulate air and it was just fine for four years. I would have some intermittent convergent troubles...
1-3 of 3 Results