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  1. Projector Question

    Home Theater Projectors
    A PROJECTOR cabled with iMac 27" - a creative way for a quick Home Theater with quality in sound and picture? Greetings from Scandinavia, I surprised myself by REPLACING my huge hifi towers of expensive amps etc etc costing around 9000 USD with 'a tiny minimalistic' 500 bucks sound-miracle...
  2. Newbie question: affordable digital mixer for home use

    AV Home Theater
    Guys: I'm looking for a digital mixer (no more than 4 or 6 inputs) that is capable to produce output in WAV format that could be saved to disk (computer) or flash drive. Any brand name/model suggestion is welcomed, but since it will be for home use, it should be affordable ($$wise). Thanks for...
  3. Greetings, from Lima, PERU !

    New Member Introductions
    Actually, I´m an Australian now resident in Lima. Been a Hifi fan since building tube amps for early stereo LPs at school, then advancing through transistors and ICs all the way through to Surround Sound and HD TV. Along the way I´ve worked professionally and studied digital audio processing...
  4. Benchmark DAC 1 HDR Review

    Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    Benchmark DAC 1 HDR By: Dr. Ken Taraska While analog reproduction of audio is all the rage these days, most, if not all of us have our music in some digital form. Be it on a hard drive, iPod, Compact Disc or server, we all need high quality digital to analog conversion to extract the most from...
  5. Installation of HDMI Splitters

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi I am a Co-Owner of a theater installation company I have recently be asked at a store to install a 1 in 8 out HDMI Splitter that was supposed to be 1.3a compliant and we could not get digital sound out of it nevermind True HD my question would be "do all HDMI Splitters resist Digital...