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    I want to get a remote that can also control lighting dimmers. What remote and switches can I get to do this? RF is prefered being that my components are in another room.
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    I have 5 600 watt lutron spacer single pole infrared dimmers for sale. Color is white. $50 usps priority mail to your door for $50. Never opened, these are extras. These are the dimmers to have. You can easily set up and control multiple light scenes with the lutron remote and master controller...
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    Hi! I'm going to try and explain my situation the best I can... I was wondering if you guys know of a product that eliminates humming noises caused by dimmers which are used in my ceiling lights. I am aware that dimmers in lights can cause a very low humming noise on certain electronic...
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    Hello, I am investigating ways to remotely control the lights in my media room. Ideally I would like to dim them down when I start a movie and bring them back up when I pause or stop the movie. I have 4 recessed cans each pair on its own switch, and 120V rope lighting in crown molding and on...
1-4 of 4 Results