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  1. My 3yr old dinner prayer

    Care Chapel
    Hidden camera prayer video is to large http://youtu.be/_1Lgyjg6c6M
  2. Dinner for Schmucks - Blu-Ray Review

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    [/CENTER] Audio: :4stars: 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio This comedy is all about the dialogue and it is done very well. Voices are easy to hear with the utmost clarity even when Carell is whispering under his breath. Surrounds and LFE are lacking for most of the movie as this is in no way an...
  3. Dinner for Shmucks

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    One of the funniest movies I have watched in a long time. I was very tired and a little intoxicated, so I am not sure how good of a judge I was, but it had me crying. I definitley would see this one. matteo