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  1. beginner - how to identifíy a specific 'dip'

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi We are constructing an editing room that may need to do some audio premixing etc. Its not a very high end audio setup - that may come later - but its fairly good electronically. However I'm pretty beginner when it comes to acoustics, even though I learned a bit in my University. Room is...
  2. sanway FP14000 dip switch setup question

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Aloha everyone. I just got a question about the dip switches and limiters on a Sanway FP14000. I'm not sure what kind of switch setting I should be using and this amp manual in not very clear on the setup. Is there anyone that is knowledgeable on this product or have a good link? I have been all...
  3. 100 hz dip

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi guys, i'll introduce myself as most of you dont know me. My name is Matthijs, 28yo and i'm from the netherlands. (so my writing might nog be perfect :)) Im currently setting up my new room which is meant for professional mixing purposes. The lengt of my room is 5.65 (Meters) The width is...
  4. Small Box, MiniDSP, Peek,Dip and Distortion

    DIY Speakers
    I am putting in a stereo system into an offroad car. I got some custom fit fiberglass pods for the fronts and a sub. I knew going into this the pods for the front are going to be way to small for the drivers. I ran a few sweeps with REW to see how bad it is going to be. To my dismay the...
  5. Using EQ to cure dip +7.0 dB boost - good/bad idea?

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm pretty satisfied with my adjustments to my setup following this thread here; however, I have a single dip at approx. 30 Hz I'm considering curing using the boost function in REW. I know that boosting is not considered an ideal solution since it'll lower my headroom, but will it really...
  6. Large dip at 200hz

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello gentlemen I have a problem with a large dip around 200hz that i would like to get rid off. The only method i have found working is to take all 5 auto EQ measurements with my anthem arc in the same position but unfortunatly it totally ruins the frequenzy respons for the side chairs (see...
  7. Help interpreting results - dip at 70Hz

    REW Forum
    I am looking for some help interpreting these results before I apply any EQ. I am confused by the dip at 70Hz. Crossover is set at 80Hz. Is this normal? Green is sub only, red is sub and front speakers
  8. New Graph, dip at 200

    REW Forum
    This is my latest FR after running audy and MiniDsp. LCR average with subs: Anything I can do about the 3 dips, especially the one at 200? what would cause this? I have 2" panels with a one inch air gap for first reflection points. bass looks pretty good: Not sure how to interpret the...
  9. EP4000 DIP Switches

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I just received a new Behringer EP4000 to power a pair of DIY subs. I've seen several references in threads dating back a few years to improper labeling of the DIP switches on the back of the unit and/or within the manual. Does anyone know if this has been fixed by Behringer? If not, where we...
  10. Huge -20db dip at 40Hz, Audyssey can compensate?

    Audio Processing
    A few days back I REW(ed) by SVS Pb-13ultra. Only Subwoofer was measured. The subwoofer response shocked me. I didn't realize that there has been a big dip like this in my HT My question is that Audyssey is capable of fixing this dip? or if the response curve steeper than -3dB (as pointed...
  11. ARC showing a 20db dip on my sub

    Audio Processing
    Good evening all , i installed my anthem mrx300 today and calibrated with ARC. My sub is a DIY LMS-R15 with Behringer ep4000. AS you can see on the graph i have a 20db drop from 40 to 100 What is the best way to cure that dip???? I do not have a lot of option to move the sub which is...
  12. Strange frequency dip - suggestions?

    REW Forum
    Somewhat new to REW. Have the technical issues figured out but still struggle with interpreting things. First graph shows my subs (in green) and my subs plus mains. Thought the frequency dip between 70-80 may have been a phase issue so I adjusted phase on the subs. The second chart shows this...
  13. How to solve big Dip at Crossover region?

    REW Forum
    hi, recently i am recalibrating my HT system( Cary cinema 12 pre+Poweramp+active Sub-MK 1250+main speakers). test SUb+RFspeaker, i got a quite big dip always at crossover region, when i move Crossover upwards till 110hz, it becomes slightly better, and move to 80Hz, it's quite worse. i guess...
  14. [SVS PC13-Ultra] Help with major dip and rise

    REW Forum
    This graph is just the sub alone I am new to this so if there is something I am doing wrong let me know. Not that this makes much differnce but these are the low pass settings I used to see if they made a difference. Blue 80Hz Yellow 63 Hz Green 50 Hz If those colors don't look right it...
  15. Dip at 80hz help!

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi guys I have a major dip in response at 80hz I have measured all speakers individually and it appears worst on the front left. What can I do to try and improve it. Thanks
  16. Anyone tried Plasti Dip to finish?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Just saw something about a guy who plasti diped his rims and i'm in the mid of my first diy sub and reading how much if a pain it is to prime and paint the mdf. Could plasti dip be easier? not much of a selection in finishes though i'd imagine
  17. Dip at 75hz....need to build a membrane trap?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I was just about to start looking for the parts I need to build this deep bass trap EW posted here: http://www.ethanwiner.com/BTPlans.gif Then I noticed it says it goes down to 80hz. Will it still cover some of my 75hz dip? Can I modify it slightly to grab the 75 out of the room? Thanks!:T
  18. 123hz dip

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    hey all you producer's..let's see how much of you can help me.... i have one problem... i have monitoring by adam audio a7 (x2) and 2x sub 8) i use it for mastering.. (not so good idea i think...but..i know them like my own pocket) yesterday i put couch in my studio...and .... i cant hear any...
  19. my new measurement with mic, headache on dip at 30hz, any comments?

    REW Forum
    now i got chance to use professional measurement mic. and last night i spent several hours in struggling for making new measurement, but the result makes me feel so headache about the dip at 30HZ. see attached data. seek for comments on if i am making a right measurement, or suggestions to me...
  20. Why such a huge dip at 30hz and below?

    REW Forum
    Horrible dip below 30hz and not sure why...Ive got early reflection panels, a ceiling cloud (about 10ft overhead...hanging 1ft from ceiling), and 3" corner traps. Do I have too much bass trapping? My HS80Ms are about 1' away from the back wall. If I remember correctly, when I first started using...