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  1. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi We are constructing an editing room that may need to do some audio premixing etc. Its not a very high end audio setup - that may come later - but its fairly good electronically. However I'm pretty beginner when it comes to acoustics, even though I learned a bit in my University. Room is...
  2. REW Forum
    I just started using REW and I am trying to wrap my head around what I am seeing. From my left speaker i see 2 huge dips around 60hz and 70hz that i dont see from the right speaker. I tried moving the left a few feet around and took 5 different measurements and it's always there to varying...
  3. REW Forum
    In cases where dips are around 10-12db, is is acceptable to set target level low purposely? It seems easier to drop frequencies and extend Q rather than work with a +3db maximum gain. (pre-amp only has gain range of -12db to +3db, which is why I would drop my target level) Is it more...
  4. Home Audio Acoustics
    I have started the process of using REW to get some measurements of my room. After moving the subs to a few different locations, I think I found the spots that give me a response I can work with. However, once I started measuring the mains, I am seeing a huge dip in the 90-100 Hz range on both...
  5. Home Audio Acoustics
    I've read post from time to time where someone would post a REW graph with a pretty large dip or peak and comment that they don't seem to hear it. The response was that it apparantly wasn't at a fundamental. My question is what are these frequencies?
  6. REW Forum
    Hi, so I've started doing some first REW measurements of the equipment in my livingroom and as I already noticed subjectively I'm having some serious dips in the response. My sub is an SVS PC Ultra 13, my main front speakers are Quadral Aurum 9. Crossover is at 100 hz (yes, I know that's rather...
  7. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi! I would think that having an uncorrected curve that was mostly above the target and using EQ to pull it down would be a good thing. I've been adviced that it's not, but haven't really got a good explanation why. Anyone care to explain this to me? :praying:
  8. Home Audio Acoustics
    When doing an impulse response in a 11x13x8 room which has broad band absorption, a frequency dip at 286 hz appears, I also have other dips at 323,308,297,290 hertz when measuring at 5 other locations in the room. If someone gives me their email, I can send impulse response which can viewed...
1-8 of 8 Results