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  1. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    If you’ve recently purchased a new television (or are considering one soon), then you’re probably aware of a technology called high dynamic range (HDR). HDR is one of the more important video innovations in recent years, far outpacing all of those extra pixels delivered by 4K panels. In...
  2. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I have heard good things about San Andreas as far as the Atmos track, not such good things about the movie itself :D I am new to Atmos so was hoping there were some Bluray's you can suggest which really show off the new format. Thanks :T
  3. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    The physical media side of the 4K equation has been simmering backburner material for nearly a year. Last January, Panasonic arrived at CES 2015 with the world’s first publicly revealed prototype Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Several months later the Blu-ray Disc Association announced a finalized...
  4. AV Home Theater
    Read all about it on my friends UK forum, HDTVtest. Our friend and expert panelist partner on our Flat Panel Shootout Evaluation events, David Mackenzie just emailed me with this very great news! 100GB 4K Blu-ray Outed Ahead Of Official BDA Announcement. Great times are ahead of us and not...
  5. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I bought Oblivion and In The Pines, got home and put both in my Sony BDP-S570 that is pretty current with current updates done, I just checked . Why will they play the stuff before the movie, and when it gets time to play the actual show, it just sits there spinning like it is searching for the...
  6. Great Deals and Specials
  7. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I just picked up the Hobbit on BluRay 3D. The movie has been split onto 2 discs. Isnt there enough space on a single BluRay to hold the entire 3D Movie? Splitting the movie is a chore!
  8. Audio Processing
    Anybody know where I can get some of these?
  9. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Would anyone suggest one or two of your favorite blu ray discs that you have used to set up and calibrate your HTS? I am interested in both excellent quality soundtrack and video. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. I am grateful.
  10. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Am I the only one who receives scratched discs that cease to play during the movie? This occurs between once out of five, to once out of ten discs. Really disappointing as we don't watch that many per month. Last night was Valkyrie, and there was a chip out of the disc surface that would be...
  11. Great Deals and Specials
    Only $6.95 54% OFF | MSRP: $14.95 152 Avaialable | 53 Sold as of 02/23/11 5:20pm CST Free Shipping
  12. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Thinking about finally getting an oppo Blu-ray player but still have oppo dvd players and standard dvd players in all other rooms and in our vehicles. If I start buying blu-ray movies, do they also come with dvd versions which we can watch in other rooms and vehicles or do I need to buy both a...
1-13 of 36 Results