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  1. 10' satellite dish internet?

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    Does anyone know how to get the internet from a 10' satellite dish? I know you used to be able to get live tv feeds on a 10' dish before the small dish companies became popular. I am also assuming that the cable companies are using the large dishes they have for their internet..am I wrong?
  2. DISH to Premier Dedicated 4K Channel with Planet Earth II

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Beginning on February 18, DISH customers with Hopper 3 and a UHD TV will be treated to BBC America’s latest installment of its Planet Earth series (Planet Earth II) in glorious 4K resolution. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, DISH plans to simulcast the series on several standard HD channels...
  3. Dish Hopper w/Sling

    AV Home Theater
    So, as some of you know, my trusty 'ole ViP722 bit the dust a few weeks ago with a bunch of recordings I had not had the chance to watch yet. Looked around at a lot of different options and settled on a Dishnetwork Hopper with Sling and a Joey. Gotta say I'm pretty happy with the unit in...
  4. Dish Hopper with Netflix App!

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Just noticed the other day that Dish added the Netflix app to there hopper. Anyone know if they will be pushing 4k feed?
  5. Yamaha RXV-675 HDMI and Dish network Joey = no worky

    System Setup and Connection
    My dad, just bought a new rxv675 and is trying to set it up in his theater room with a dish network joey. The Joey works fine plugged directly into the projector, but when i try to use the Joey through the receiver with hdmi it doesnt work. I get a picture while the Joey is booting saying "joey...
  6. Integra 405.2. No HDMI video from Dish Network 722 VIP

    My Integra receiver will not pass HDMI video from my Dish Networks 722VIP satellite receiver through any of the HDMI inputs (I tried them all). Audio passes through but not video. I am using an Epson projector in our home theater. I can plug the Projector into the HDMI output from the...
  7. CNET reverses vote on Dish Hopper DVR @ CES

    AV Home Theater
    It seems that the new Dish Hopper DVR with commercial skip technology made CBS upset enough to pressure CNET to reverse it's "Best of Show Award" @ the CES this year. http://www.ecoustics.com/news/dish-awards-pulled-cnet-award/ CNET got this backwards, they should have disqualified themselves...
  8. Weird Dish issue

    System Setup and Connection
    I have an unusual issue and was needing some advice. For some reason when I turn on certain lights in my house my dish network receiver gives me the complete signal loss message like you get when it rains, turn the light off and it's fine again. I've tried everything I can think of, new cables...
  9. Dish Network vs. DirecTV

    AV Home Theater
    How many times have your read that title? I posted this over at DBSTalk but thought I may as well post it here too, because I know we have members who have these services and may can help me out. We were with DTV for years, then switched to Dish when they got our locals and DTV did not offer...
  10. Scratchy audio from Dish DVR 612

    AV Home Theater
    Hello everyone.... I have a question. Has anyone ever encountered a scratchy voices like distortion when listening to a Dish Network Solo DVR 612?? My home theater uses a Pioneer Elite AV receiver with 7.1 surround sound (with separate amp and 2 subs). I love the system but about 2 weeks ago...
  11. More gain for Dish network to home theater

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi everyone... I have an issue with the level coming into my home theater from "Dish Network". Of course I called Dish Network and asked about the problem and they said they don't supply any signal boosters anymore, I should go to Best Buy and get one. Best Buy was like....WHAT??? So much...
  12. fyi; emotiva umc-1 not playing nice with dish 722

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    So since Jan 22nd online support has sent me 3 Dish 722 receivers; today with the help of an in person Dish tech we figured out the issues; this is wild Issue was that after a day or so the 722 would continually reboot and not show picture; 3rd receiver since Jan 22nd. Tech arrives; I explain...
  13. Fox, Dish Network deal means no network TV blackout, FX & sports networks back on

    Just that fast, it's like it all never happened. Fox and Dish Network have cut a deal to restore programming from the giant's channels including 19 regional sports networks, FX and National Geographic Channel. No word yet on the terms of the deal, but the key is it arrived in time to avoid a...
  14. Fox, Dish play the blame game over disappearing FX, sports networks

    The latest carriage dispute is already a few days old and shows no signs of breaking yet, as Fox and Dish Network square off. Naturally both have issued the usual press releases and promotional websites blaming the other but at the moment, the only thing to know is for Dish customers, Fox...
  15. Dish Network has AMC HD now, casually points out DirecTV still doesn't

    Congratulations Dish Network on announcing yourself as "the first and only satellite TV provider in America to offer this channel." Though DirecTV still has NFL Sunday ticket, if your taste run more towards Don Draper than Adrian Peterson, you won't get Mad Men in HD there, yet. Check for the...
  16. Google TV gets an icon, launch still on schedule for fall according to Dish

    If you're following the Google TV Team twitter account, (and of course you are right? They're on the list) you may have noticed a new icon popping up yesterday, which apparently will be the signifier for its new offering going forward. The TV with colored boxes doesn't quite have the charm of...
  17. Four Disney HD channels go dark on DISH Network

    Guess we can forget about ESPN 3D coming to DISH Network any time soon, as the dispute between the satellite company and Disney has escalated to the point that Disney Channel HD, Disney XD HD, ABC Family HD and ESPNews HD have all been removed from the service. They're still available in SD if...
  18. USPTO rules against TiVo's "Time Warp" patent, but the fight vs. DISH rages on

    The never ending TiVo / DISH Network patent saga continues, with the latest twist presented as U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled TiVo's "Time Warp" patent is invalid. Both sides have issued press release in response, with TiVo pointing out this is "just one of several steps" in the...
  19. DirecTV, DISH offer "free HD for life" with a few strings -- anyone signing up?

    Just in case you missed the ads airing on TV or splattered across websites (like this one) DirecTV and DISH Network have launched headlong into their latest war. DISH started things last week by offering "free HD for life" (ad embedded from YouTube after the break), eliminating the $10 service...
  20. TiVo's $200m settlement against Dish is headed back to the appeals court, future

    Remember that $200 million contempt of court judgment TiVo won in September, and had affirmed in March against Dish & Echostar? We wouldn't blame you if you didn't, as the various steps in this never ending legal saga have become increasingly difficult to separate, but as we predicted, it's been...