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  1. Video Calibration
    Hello HTS Forum users, I have released a Free Version of my calibration disk that you can use with 2 free calibration software solutions to quick measure the performance of any display.
  2. Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have just ordered a DHC 80.3 and am trying to decide between an Oppo 93 or 95. Are the DACs good enough in the 80.3 to go with the 93, that is what I hope.
  3. Great Deals and Specials
    Only $39.99 71% OFF | MSRP: $139.00 807 Available | 1828 Sold as of 07/06/12 10:00am CDT Free Shipping
  4. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Folks, I just had a 1 year old 2TB Iomega MiniMax fail on me. I use this to store my music. It is connected via USB to a 2009 Mac mini. I backupped only on August 27. The five days after that, I had been very busy adding over 100 albums and moving some stuff from the internal HHD on the mini...
  5. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    PS3 Demonstrates its Superior Disk Format with Battlefield 3 For the first few years following its public release, the Blu-ray format was shrugged by many due to its high cost and somewhat unnecessary storage size. Years later, we’re beginning to regularly see the benefits of the...
  6. Home Theater Projectors
    What is different with the display calibration disk for a projector vs. just going thru the settings in the menu? With both aren't you just tweeking the levels to what looks good to you or does the disk guide you thru this better? Not sure I am understanding. Sorry.
  7. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I stumble on this today while looking around at different BR players. anyone know anything more about it. Im down for one... but in silver :yay: http://www.engadget.com/2008/09/04/sony-shows-off-prototype-400-disc-blu-ray-mega-changer/
1-7 of 8 Results