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  1. wire or connector distance

    System Setup and Connection
    So what does everyone prefer when connecting amp to speakers and preamp ? 1. Long speaker wire from amp to speaker (short inter connect cable) 2. Long interconnect cables to preamp (short wire length to speaker)
  2. Measuring Drivers Distance

    REW Forum
    Now I know the distance from the mic to the speaker should be 1 meter, now is that 1 meter from the front of the speaker cabinet? Or 1 meter from the horn or the drivers mouth??? This measurement should be performed on speaker at a time to see what both speakers are doing correct? The after...
  3. Audyssey Strange Crossover and Sub Distance Settings

    Audio Processing
    Hi all, I've been having some issues with Audyssey crossover settings lately. My current setup is as follows: - Speakers : Chane Music & Cinema A5rx-c towers and A2.4 center - Seating position is 10' from the TV - Room size is 12' x 16' - The L/R speakers are 8' apart on each side of the...
  4. t=0 offset (distance) very buggy and strange spike impulse <20Hz

    REW Forum
    In the controls of the impules graph there are 3 t=0 offset adjustments t=0 offset (samples) t=0 offset (ms) t=0 offset (distance) 1. The "t=0 offset (distance)" does not accept negative distances(with the up/down buttons) 2. The "t=0 offset (distance)" changes "-1 ft" into "-11 in" 3. The...
  5. What SW distance to choose in AVR?

    REW Forum
    When choosing SW locations another question came to mind when I was choosing from two different distance settings to make in the AVR. I tested different distance settings and landed on 2.7m or 5.2m and they are both good compromises between L and R for support in the XO frequency at 80Hz but...
  6. New Room - Distance Questions

    System Setup and Connection
    New house, new room to play with. Basement was finished by the builder (it was their model home) and I find myself staring at an 18' x 18' space thinking; "This is gonna be fun!" The space is open at the rear (room is actually closer to 30' deep) and is also partially open on one side (a 7'...
  7. Less than ideal distance to wall behind me -> diffuse or absorb

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey HT shack, I'm forced to listen in a less than perfect position. The rear wall is only ~4' behind my ears. Usually I would diffuse the area behind me, but since 4' (or even 5') isn't enough distance for effective diffusion, I thought it might be better to use some 8" broadband absorbers...
  8. Sub distance tweaking

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi Guys, interested in your thoughts on this one.... We know that Audyssey XT32 doesn't always get the sub distance (delay) correct with the mains.. I would suppose when one does the sub distance tweak, most end up adding more to the sub distance than Audyssey finds, would I assume that's...
  9. Epson PJ calculator mount distance!!

    Home Theater Projectors
    Folks... The Epson projector calculator tells me my Epson 5030UB projecting to a 120" screen needs to basically be in the center of the screen. This is a 4' drop for the most part... IS THIS RIGHT? All other projectors I have used I was able to mount the projector near the height of the top of...
  10. calculated time window & Mic distance

    REW Forum
    Is there any way to set calculated time window and remove the mic distance before plotting frequency response? THX
  11. JVC RS-46 :: Smaller throw distance results in darker picture ?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi guys. I'm facing this 'issue' of sort which I wanted to discuss. I'm trying to decide where to place my JVC RS-46 in my HT room, and have to pick from one of two potential locations. I placed the projector in both locations yesterday (using cardboard boxes to hoist the projector up) to see...
  12. Throw distance question

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have an Epson 3020 and I'm trying to get the projector closer to the screen so when the kids are sitting on the floor they don't in the way of the projector. When I use the projector central calculator it says the recommended distance is 15'7" for optimal picture. On the epson calculator it...
  13. Nulls & Distance

    REW Forum
    I am new to REW and found that i had a 15db null at 40Hz and 71db at 70Hz. I have dual subs in the left and right corner of a dedicated home theater about 19 feet long and 15 ft wide although it is not totally symmetrical.. I think it is a room mode at 40Hz as eqing has no impact. Anyway, I...
  14. Time align distance and room effect.

    REW Forum
    Hi I had considerable success in time and phase aligning in REW, particularly in aligning wrapped and unwrapped phase at the crossover points. What is really interesting is the taking of measurements at three distances - 1 meter, 2 meters and 3 meters from the speakers and evaluating the...
  15. Optimal throw distance

    Home Theater Projectors
    If the calculator is showing a throw range of 13.4' to 21' and I have the option to mount anywhere in that range what is best? Someplace in the middle? The calculator is showing a Image Brightness of 19 fL at 16' with a 1.4 gain 134" screen. I just didn't know if closer is better? This will...
  16. Sub distance setting and phase alignment problem.

    REW Forum
    Hi all. I am having some real trouble with REW and getting my subwoofers in phase with my mains in my home theatre i was hoping to get some help with ? I have my subwoofers crossed over at 90hz in my AVR. And with a distance setting of 6m. Mains have a distance setting of 3.4m. Measured with...
  17. Recommendations on projector distance and speaker placement.

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm getting ready to start my basement home theater room and need some help on the distances for my seating, projector, and speaker placement. The room size is 24.5 width by 29 length. I have a 120" projector screen that is going on the 24.5 wall and will be installing a center, 2 front main...
  18. How close do you sit to your video display?

    AV Home Theater
    Interested in what the average distance people view their video displays from. To keep the information uniform please list in the following manner: Display Type: example Projector / TV Display Size: example 60" Viewing Distance: example 10' I personally have the following Display...
  19. Screen advice for small media room with flexible viewing distance

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    We are buying a new house and it has an 10.5 X 13 office that I plan to use for a small media/theater room. I will have complete light control in the room and will be used for TV, movies and music. I can set my 3 seat theater couch at any distance I want, but probably in the 7-10 foot range...
  20. Best Screen size vs Seat distance calculator.?

    DIY Screens
    DIY Screen will be 2.39:1 and I will be sitting at 13' . I have looked at some calculators ,but they seem to be all over the place ? Is there 1 that is more reputable than the others ?? thanks !