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  1. Trust Audyssey on Sub distance?

    REW Forum
    Trust Audyssey on Sub distance? The more I read about the Audyssey, about Subwoofer time align. The more confused I became. - Audyssey says. We should leave Phase and Polarity at 0. - Other says (a) you are only aligning the timing for a limited ( I repeat LIMITED) frequency range, (b) you...
  2. subwoofer distance using Audyssey

    Audio Processing
    I am currently auditioning a pair of SVS PB1000 subwoofers and have done the speaker calibration with my Denon 4311ci. This unit has the Audyssey MultiEQ XT32 which will calibrate each sub independently. After completion of the setup I find that the distances for the subs are reported at 14 feet...
  3. Measure speaker distance and polarity

    REW Forum
    While doing custom audio setups, there are two measurements I often would like to do: Speaker distance measurement and speaker/driver polarity. Is this something REW supports in any way? Can I propose them as a feature if they don't? I know REW supports measuring the speaker distance in a...
  4. Laser Distance Meter

    AV Home Theater
    Been thinking about picking up a laser distance meter for use in setting speakers and getting distances to speakers a little easier than trying to stretch out a tape measure by myself. Of course I have already thought of several other uses for it other than audio, but that is what got my buying...
  5. Setting Up Distance and Levels With 4 Subs

    System Setup and Connection
    Re: Audyssey MultEQ FAQ and Setup Guide Discussion Thread I have a question reguarding the use of 4 subwoofers. I have the new Denon x4000, with dual outputs. If i split each one once, i put one subwoofer up front and one the right back and the left would be the same manner, one up front the...
  6. 70" Screen Viewing Distance

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I am considering buying a 70" TV, and my main viewing distance is about 14 feet. Will this be to big?
  7. Projector distance to screen

    System Setup and Connection
    Installing an Epson 8350 projector in my basement on the ceiling. I'm going with a matte white fixed 100" screen with a 1.1-1.2 gain and a 16.9 aspect ratio. I'm getting a wide minimum and maximum range. The Epson manual says 10'-20'. I would like to narrow it down to a smaller range that would...
  8. Using rew to set speaker distance.

    REW Forum
    Hi guys is it possible to use rew to work out time delay/ distance settings as I have dual subs and I think one is slightly out of phase. I am getting the response shown below. Thanks
  9. Sub Distance ( delay )

    REW Forum
    How can different Distance settimgs for the Sub be seen with REW ?? Is there a simple way to see the difference I had the FR of Mains ,... Then did 2 sweeps of Sub alone at different Distance settings 12'and 18' and saw no diff compared to mains ??
  10. Is it possible to measure subwoofer distance?

    REW Forum
    I always thought the wavelengths for say under 80Hz were to large to measure in order to determine the distance for a subwoofer using REW or most any other program. Can the REW distance measurements be used to time/phase align subwoofers?
  11. MCACC mis-setting sub distance?

    System Setup and Connection
    When I run the speaker distance program on MCACC it always calculates my subs as being farther away than the are. It correctly sets my 7 channels... Just not the sub. Right now my sub is roughly 10 ft 11 in away from the microphone and the system is saying it's 14 ft 2". What gives, here...
  12. Phase and Distance

    REW Forum
    Hi When setting both which one should be set first when setting up a Left Main with a Left Sub? Thanks in advance
  13. Seating distance

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    My theater room is 20 feet size to side and a little over 15 feet front to back. I have a pole in the room that's in the middle,so,I put my couch in front of the pole so that leaves about 10 feet from the couch to the tv and I have a 73 inch DLP. The pole is about 15 inches of the back wall Thanks
  14. Projector to Screen Distance

    Home Theater Projectors
    I've had my new Optoma HD20 for almost a week. For right now it's on the shelf below the coffee table about 17' from the screen. If I use the zoom to the maximum, the picture is as big as my wall will allow. For right now it's projecting on a wall that I reprinted with KILZ2. Once I get The...
  15. REW Set Distance For Main Speakers

    REW Forum
    Hi What is the best tool to use for setting distance for main speakers. Also the process please. If i EQ, does the distance setting change?
  16. Whats the best distance for my projector

    General Screen Discussion
    Hi,i bought a acer x110p,i have it set up roughly about 12feet,and i was wondering if that is an acceptable range for that projector. Thanks
  17. AT Screen and Stage Distance

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I think you will get a better response here in the design/construction forum. :T
  18. Speaker distance measurements.

    REW Forum
    Hi guys..... The first thing I want to do with REW is complete a full and accurate speaker distance measurement for each speaker and the sub. Now I understand how one does this within REW. Loop backs etc. But my query is in regards to what best I have my processor set to interms of speaker...
  19. Mounting distance

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi all, How can I find out if the location I plan to put my projector will work? I have an ideal location at the back of my room (15ft away from the screen). But I'm not sure if the projectors I have in mind will be adjustable enough to fit my screen (92" fixed). The two projectors I'm...
  20. Viewing distance for Cinemascope

    General Screen Discussion
    I am wonder if this is right or I am missing something. I heard a youtube conversation with a THX guy that the viewing angle you want for cinemascope is 50deg. Using this calculator http://myhometheater.homestead.com/viewingdistancecalculator.html If I put the 100" width I get a distance of...