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  1. dj setting within 5.1 setup

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello People! Phaul's first post here. Nice forum and really usefull I think this is the best place to ask for some information. I was club DJ (vinyl) for a long time and now I'm planning to arrange a full multimedia setup, including a 5.1 system and my DJ equipment together in a dedicated...
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    Great Deals and Specials
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  3. Speaker setup for a DJ gig

    Pro Audio
    hi everyone, i'm new to the site...:wave::wave: but i was hoping i get get help with what sort of setup do i need for a live Dj performance at friends party, i do have a Yamaha HTR 3063 now i asked him to get me speakers the big JBL PA speakers, or DJ speakers as they are called here, now i'm...
  4. DJ Hero 2 spinning Dr. Dre, Metallica, Lady Gaga

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Activision lets first details of mixing-game's lineup slip; 90 artists promised, new freestyle and party modes teased. DJ Hero 2 will have a range of new multiplayer modes, freestyle gameplay and full microphone support, Activision said today. The megapublisher also said that the rhythm...
  5. The RZA to be in DJ Hero 2?

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    The RZA to be in DJ Hero 2? By Tor Thorsen, GameSpotPosted Apr 26, 2010 4:55 pm PT Two tweets from Wu-Tang Clan member indicate he is engaged in motion capture for an unnamed Activision game involving hip-hop. Source: The Twitter feed of Wu-Tang Clan member the RZA...
  6. FBQ 2496 Dj setup help.

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I just purchase a fbq2496 for my dj sound system. It will be connected to my low sub for feedback problem. I need some help on programming it. I would like to use the parametric eq 30 - 90 hz for bass boost with feedback destroying for my mic stage at live events. Could you give me some help...
  7. Home Audio Amps VS Pro DJ Amps?

    Two Channel Audio
    Now, I there are definitive advantages to the home audio amplifiers such as mcintosh and other high end audio amps. However, I am still interested in the pros/cons of using professional DJ amplifiers to power your home theater. I have just got an amazing deal on a pair of King Audios Prince...
  8. Need best Speakers for DJ @ $1000.00

    Home Audio Speakers
    My dad just called me and told me that he is looking to spend approximately 1000.00 on some good speakers to be used for dances. He offered to run audio for a 50's club a few months ago and the people loved it. They pack the floor evey weekend. He has been given a budget of about 1000.00 for...