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  1. do-able sighting? Is this still one of the best options?

    DIY Screens
    I'm really getting the itch to add a projector to my setup. I really want to do a CIH setup. Turns out a 2.35:1 screen will give me the biggest image size in my space due to height constraints and at that it's limited to about 95" diagonal. That's ok though, my seating distance is only about 9...
  2. Doable screen

    DIY Screens
    I have been using a doable diy screen with good results and I want to go bigger. I am wondering if others here have used doable and found something they like better?
  3. Some Doable vs MMud shots (warning, lots of shots)

    DIY Screens
    Hi- I purchased a sheet of doable a while ago which I am going to use to make a floating screen. My current screen is the original MMud painted on a wall. I thought it would be fun to post some screen shots. My PJ is a panny AX200u. I happened to be playing FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer...
  4. The Official Do-able Thread

    DIY Screens
    The Official Do-able Thread Here is the item description and pertinent info: 1/4" X 49" X 97" Do-able white vinyl panel mfg by Do-able Products and sold at HD. UPC(DP #) 718793630365, SKU(HD #) 174278, model # 63036. Shelf tag: If you have a dedicated room(light control), can live with a...