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  1. Sound Check in iTunes - what is it REALLY doing?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I was listening to my Oppo the other day through my desktop set-up (Orb Mod1s w/ Mirage sub through NuForce Icon) and noticed the sound was significantly more "visceral" than when I listen to the Apple Lossless version played back off my Mac Mini using the NuForce as the DAC. After thinking it...
  2. port blockers...what exactely are they doing?

    Right now I am running my cs-ultras with no ports blocked because that gives me the most FEEL between 14-18hz but that doesn't seem right..... shouldn't I get more "output or feel" at those freq by adding 1 blocker so the ultras are tuned to 16hz?? Also it seems like I have port noises when I...
  3. Newbie 1st Post: How am I doing? Thanks

    REW Forum
    Thanks to all the dedicated experts here I've gotten to know FBQ2496, REW, SoundBlaster External, etc. After many hours stuck at the ... sound card calibration, I was finally able to get a few measurements at 3 AM last night simply because I was trying to follow sound card calibration of the...