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  1. REW Forum
    So I made a few measurements from 15-200Hz of my room response for only the subwoofer. Next I analyzed results from different REW graphs. Then I generated EQ filters and downloaded them to my AVR. So now what? I would like to see if there are still areas for improvement over REW's predicted...
  2. REW Forum
    Every time i got to download any version of the REW on the forum it gets to about 6 mb and stops immediately my browser says it is still downloading but I have even left it overnight and it won't download, I have fibre optic broadband so I assume there must be a problem with the download? I...
  3. REW Forum
    I installed Java RE (Version 7 update 40) in Windows 8. But when attempting to download REW, I get a message to the effect that Java is required. When I try to test with "Do I have Java" I do not get an answer. I can't seem to get beyond this. Any help gratefully appreciated.
  4. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I've been a LP and CD user for years, yes I'm old. But my kids have advised me to get into the new century and download my own music. So my question is advise on how to start, what's required. I have a Dell XPS desktop , i7 quad core 3.4Ghz, 16gb ram, 2 2000GB4 SATA hard drives, plus 2 WD 3TB...
1-4 of 6 Results