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  1. CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Occasionally my wife listens to music on our headphones on the computer and wants me to download a song or two for her. I rarely download music, but instead I just buy the CD, but for her one or two songs Amazon MP3 Downloads works fine at .99¢ each. I was poking around some of our affiliates...
  2. Great Deals and Specials
    Here are some great sounding downloads; the drum track (Hot Stix) sounds incredible and will test your entire system. FWIW-The downloads are mainly classical (Bach, Beethoven) and jazz, and there are only a few. They are also free! I've downloaded several to my PS3 without a problem. :sn:
  3. REW Forum
    Hello... I'm attempting to download the REW for Mac and the links on the page seem to be to a 35k file entitled 27321d1296393703-downloads-page-wizardv5-osx.zip rather than anything useful :-) Any clues? cheers! Jeremy.
  4. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    A good buddy of mine likes to utilize Direct TV’s PPV, and wants to “gear up” his system to utilize “On Demand” downloads from BlockBuster, Netflix, etc. He also has a Sony Blu Ray player and (quite naturally) loves HD discs. I have always had concerns that you might not get the same sound and...
  5. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I just purchased the complete set of Stargate SG-1 from Amazon and then read about the problems people have been having with the poor quality of the discs. While searching the web for more information on this issue, I found a site where you can download TV shows for a fee. I was just wondering...
  6. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    hey guys, I just assume have her listen to Lp's ,but I would rather have my finger nails pulled out instead of letting my wife near my turntable.:raped: with that off my chest....where can i find a good selection of 80's/90's pop and R&B dance music to download. (cash or free):surrender:
  7. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Think Outside the Box or It Doesn't Matter Who Wins the Format War I think the real point is, "Who cares who wins!" Until you can go to the neighborhood rental place or on-line renter and readily get any of the formats, it doesn't matter :rant: Mr and Mrs. Joe Sixpack are looking for...
  8. Downloads Area
    Download Page Please consider a donation to help support REW: Your participation in the forums is also appreciated! Thanks! If you want to be sure to receive notification of updates and upgrades... Make sure you have the block next to "Receive Email from Administrators" checked in your...
1-8 of 19 Results