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  1. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    As you can see in the photos, they're in perfect shape with no marks, scratches, or broken grille pegs. The Rocket ELT DPA's are sonically identical to the Rocket RSS300's and even use the exact same cabinets. Only thing different was that the 300's had piano black endcaps glued on top and...
  2. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    FS: Ref 1.5 w/nm, GR N2x I have for sale the following items. All items shipping from 97006. I have original boxes to ship them in. I also have a box to ship the GR speakers in as well. Any questions let me know. Ref 1.5s with Ninja Master Upgrade and $550 OBO plus shipping - A nick in the...
1-2 of 2 Results