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  1. What is 2 channels driven?

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    Can someone please explain to me what does it mean by "2 channels driven" on AV receivers. For instance, on Pioneer VSX-524 (5 channel) receiver, it says 80 watts per channel with 2 channels driven. I know it is a very basic question, I did google it, but still don't get it. Please explain...
  2. Which is better, belt driven or direct drive?

    CD Players | Turntables
    You turntable users, which is better, belt drive for direct drive? My only serious turntable was/is a Yamaha P-320 belt drive, and I never had any complaints about it. In terms of specifications and bang for the buck, which do you prefer?
  3. Speakers to be driven by Denon 4311

    Home Audio Speakers
    As title says. I have shortlisted the following Monitor Audio BX6 range B&W 683. Ideally the choice I make has to live with me for years. I feel my current Missions M35i aren't up to the job. Ideas welcome guys
  4. 7 channels driven vs 2 channels driven

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    I'm currently in the market for an AVR. Currently I have my choices narrowed down to a Denon 2313CI or a Onkyo 809. Here is where I'm confused: The onkyo is rated 135W 2-channels and the Denon is 105W 7 channels. For my 6.1 setup, would 7 discrete channels be optimal or is it just a marketing...
  5. Sony 5400ES driven to Protection Mode today

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    I was home alone for once today... decided to watch Transporter 2 right around reference level (-1.5) and about 1/3 into the movie, the AVR shut down and flashed "Protector" at me. This is the first time it's happened. I reached above the AVR and it really wasn't that hot. I've had car audio...