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  1. Worth upgrading existing drivers?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi all, I had an old JBL Synthesis S400 Stereo Subwoofer Amplifier (2 x 200W @ 4 Ohms) lying around and I’ve been experimenting with 2 Mordaunt Short 309i active Subwoofers (175W @ 4 Ohms) that I picked up cheap as they had blown amps so I’m using them as passive by just feeding the drivers...
  2. 4-way speaker system with multiple small wide-range drivers

    DIY Speakers
    This DIY loudspeaker system experiments with multiple small wide-range transducers in a multiway configuration. The idea is to join good directional characteristics to coherence and power handling. Another goal is to improve timing by controlling the phase with FIR filters. Please follow this...
  3. MTM Design Using Old Vifa drivers

    DIY Speakers
    I have a pair of old Audio Concepts Encore II dipole speakers I used to use for home theater surrounds. I am thinking of using the drivers to build a pair of MTM style speakers using the Vifa P11WG-00-08 woofers and Vifa D20TD-05-06 tweeters. I could use the crossovers from the dipoles with...
  4. Measuring Drivers Distance

    REW Forum
    Now I know the distance from the mic to the speaker should be 1 meter, now is that 1 meter from the front of the speaker cabinet? Or 1 meter from the horn or the drivers mouth??? This measurement should be performed on speaker at a time to see what both speakers are doing correct? The after...
  5. REW with planar drivers

    REW Forum
    Hi :) I'm new to REW and have a quick question. I have got myself a MiniDSP OpenDRC-DA8 and an 8-channel amplifier which I will be using with an upcoming 3-way dipole + sealed subwoofer project. For now, I have a 2 way DIY transmission line to test with and get familiar with MiniDSP, REW and...
  6. New source for Peerless drivers, Digi-Key

    DIY Speakers
    Digikey Peerless drivers No affiliation with company, just informing DIYers about another source of drivers
  7. [bug?] Asio drivers not populated on startup with 5.19b2

    REW Forum
    Installed 5.19b2 and now the driver drop down is empty on startup. I have to switch to Java and back to asio to get it to populate.
  8. Ceiling Drivers: HTD or Micca?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'm looking for some in-ceiling speakers for a basement installation. The area is approximately 20'x15' and I plan on using four or more sufficiently powered speakers with modest home-built enclosures. Could anybody enlighten me in the acoustical comparison between Micca References R-8C and HTD...
  9. Any difference in drivers?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I currently am using some Vienna Acousic Mozarts for my mains and a DIY Sealed Dayton Ultimax PR15 for my sub. I have it at about 40% volume on the 500 watt plate amp. I listen to 90% Home Theater in my living room. I have noticed with it's current location that the room nodes are pretty bad...
  10. Trying to time-align speaker drivers with REW

    REW Forum
    I have read quite a few threads in this forum and have not come across the thread I need, I hope someone here can help me. I am new to using REW. I recently started experimenting with a mini DSP 2 x 4 to make an active crossover for an old pair of Klipsch speakers that I have. In the process of...
  11. Testing salvaged drivers with REW

    REW Forum
    Hi HTSers, I salvaged some driver from some subwoofer enclosures and would like to test their frequency response. As you can see from the pics, there are no markings such as manufacturer or wattage, etc on the speakers. http://imgur.com/a/Fuuew Now that they are out of the enclosure, how do...
  12. Help needed with testing drivers and building enclosures

    DIY Speakers
    Hi HTSers, I salvaged 4 subwoofers from a restaurant installation we recently did. http://imgur.com/a/Fuuew I'm busy removing the drivers from the enclosures at the moment and intent to build new enclosures. The drivers have no markings on them such as manufacturer or wattage, etc, so I...
  13. diy mtm using Dayton pro drivers

    DIY Speakers
    Hi I have recently been thinking about building some lcrs. I was looking for high efficency drivers and found Dayton audio pa200 8 8 inch pro woofer. Would this work well in a hifi situation. For Home use. Music and movies. I only need to play down to 70hz. I use um 18 for 80hz and below . I...
  14. How do I EQ my iNuke 3000DSP with TC Sounds 15" drivers

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hey all, just wondering how I would go about EQing my new setup. I put TC Sounds TC2000 15" drivers in my mfw-15 slot loaded enclosures (2 of them). I have it all hooked up to an iNuke 3000DSP and I'm not sure what kind of EQing I should do to get good sound out of them. I know using REW would...
  15. ASIO drivers for XTZ Room Analyser pro mic

    REW Forum
    Hi is it possible good practice to use ASIO drivers with XTZ Room Analyser pro mic?
  16. IB questions drivers, amps etc..

    IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    So I am about to build my first IB. The space for the back-wave that is approx. 150cuft. I am wondering what my best options are for size and number of drivers? I was thinking 2 15's such as the PE IB385-8. I understand the FI 15" gets a lot of love but I can't justify the cost difference unless...
  17. 2x Marty Micro's with MFW-15 Drivers build

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hey Guys, 2nd DIY sub build, 1st was a DIY Rythmik 12'' in 2007 I have (2) brand new MFW15 drivers that I was saving for (2) LilMike f20's, but since my Theater room hasn't started, I figured I'd make use of these in my 1300ft^3 room, tucked inside a pair of Marty Micros- 3.75ft^3 net.....IOW...
  18. Anything in the Atlanta, GA. area for sourcing drivers and plate amps?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Seems like everything is on Parts Express. Anyone know of anything in the Atlanta, GA. area by chance, for getting drivers and plate amps?
  19. How to space 4 IB drivers

    IB - Infinite Baffle Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi all. My name is Robert and a proud home theater geek :wave: Today I have a HT that I built with great inspiration from this great forum. But you know the deal. Upgrade upgrade upgrade... Its been 5 years now and now the kids moved out and a room on the second floor opened up. And taadaa..I...
  20. Different power handling drivers in speaker?

    DIY Speakers
    Hi, been searching for a while for this... I am trying to put 3 different power handling drivers in one speaker, drivers rated 70w, 50W and 30W, going in woofer, mid, tweeter order, fed by a 100 W amp. Is this going to work, I imagine I have to reduce the power going to the tweeter at least but...