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  1. Headphones | Head Gear
    Hi out there, what mics are good on toms?
  2. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey all - looking for some assistance. A friend from church has asked for help treating their son's small (8'x8' -ish?) drum room. I don't have the exact dimensions yet. It's not used for anything else, and they will not do any recording in it. I think he normally practices with music tracks...
  3. Pro Audio
    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a track for a Pop-Punk band. I'm trying to get my drum tones sorted before anything else. What I'm already doing is parallel compression for all the elements in the kit and a drum room reverb on all the elements with a low cut till 70 Hz so that the lows...
  4. Pro Audio
    Having recently recorded a killer drum track using my tried and tested glyn johns variation and eagerly got the results home to mix. Disaster , why does the monitor mix CD copy sound better? So i fought for days, in the end i had gates and compressors everywhere and EQ madness.. and sleepless...
  5. CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Recently put on Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and heard a live recording of Mosaic and the drum solo just knocked me out. Started to go through my collection found Ginger Baker and Wheels of Fire w/a 16 minute drum solo titled Toad a classic. Max Roach playing a drum solo from the tune St...
  6. Pro Audio
    Hey, guys, I've been contemplating building myself an auxiliary kick drum mic using a speaker, to help absorb low end for special occasions. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have any special tricks they wouldn't mind sharing? Thanx.
  7. Pro Audio
    Just got the Trigger drum replacement VST from slatedigital a few days ago. It's been fun to go back and replace the drums on bad recordings of punk bands I did many years ago. It makes it sound like I actually knew what I was doing recording them in the first place!:eek: Pretty amazing...
  8. REW Forum
    someone on the internet suggested me to measure LF response and ringing at high resolution using this REW, can anybody give an advice on how to use it? i don't have an SPL meter, all I have are a set of MSP5 and the behringer measuring microphone? I want to measure my drum room, that use to...
  9. AV Home Theater
    Currently in our church setup we have a drumkit surrounded by a drum screen. However sometimes (depending on the drummer) they are still too loud. (we have them miked so bringing up the level is no problem if they are too soft). Has anyone got ideas on how we can reduce the level without...
1-9 of 9 Results