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  1. DSD (SACD) FIR based software crossover

    Audio Processing
    Guys! I want to introduce you to my recent development - software crossover for offline processing of the SACD DSD streams. Its core based on a FIR filter and provides direct filtering for delta-sigma streams, without any intermediate conversion into the PCM. Stereo DSD stream (inside a...
  2. DSD from PS3 update

    Two Channel Audio
    OK, here's what I've found thus far: http://pacoup.com/2008/12/31/playing-the-best-sound-on-ps3-without-hdmi/ "And yes, the PS3 really outputs all of its audio formats in full audio resolution on the analog outputs (the signal is directly converted by the PS3 from source), Dolby TrueHD Audio...
  3. Audyssey DSD vs direct & BFD/REW - help with setup

    Audio Processing
    I have a PR-SC885 prepro. Previously I thought all was well in the world, I had run Audyssey then REW and used a minimal set of filters to flatten the sub. Things sounded beautiful. CDs sound great, HD surround material sounds great. Honestly one of the best sounding systems I've heard...
  4. Marantz' DSD policy

    CD Players | Turntables
    I'm contemplating upgrading from my SACD player to a true Universal player, and upgrading my AVR while I'm at it. I've always been rather fond of Marantz equipment (and my experience with it is good too) so I'm leaning towards a UD5005 or UD7006. No worries there. For the AVR, I have a number...
  5. Cheapest DVD/CD player with DSD

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Hi, I'm curious about DSD, but I don't have the money to shell out for a new player right now. Is there anything (new or used) around $140 that has DSD? I have a Denon 1940CI, but was disappointed that it only does analog surround and not audio through DSD. From my understanding, DSD lets the...