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  1. Ok, another Camera Thread, this one about DSLR's though

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    So I want to buy a new camera and want to finally get a "nice" DSLR (IE not a point and shoot). I currently have a 35mm Canon EOS ElanIIE which is a fantastic camera. As everything moves digital, I have found that I really don't use that camera anymore. I would like to get another Canon and...
  2. Buying new DSLR, Nikon D80... Need lense advice

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Hi Guys, I'll be buying a new Nikon D80 very soon. I like that model because it has most of the D200 features but also has some automatic settings for point and shoot when I'm not being artistic. Anyway, I've read all about them and I have one main concern. The 1.5x magnification which makes...