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  1. Verizon FiOS starts rolling out 500GB DVRs

    Other than clunky GUIs and a lack of modern features, the most common complaint about most DVRs provided by cable, IPTV and satellite providers is their small hard drives, but Verizon's FiOS is the latest to take a step in the right direction, offering a 500GB Motorola QIP7232 HD DVR to...
  2. Sandisk, NDS showing off SSD-based 16GB DVRs

    We can all agree the old cable/satellite set-top boxes could use some refreshing, but these new ones on display from SanDisk and NDS might not be what the doctor ordered. The team has combined SanDisk's latest P4 solid state drives (successors to the older pSSD drive pictured above) with NDS...
  3. Suddenlink to lean on TiVo for DVRs, non-DVR set tops and multiroom

    There's no news on the DirecTiVo, Cox or Comcast TiVo fronts, but it appears Suddenlink is following RCN as the latest domestic provider to offer the company's DVRs to its customers, complete with access to its video on-demand offerings. TiVo Premiere DVRs (with the Flash-based new UI...
  4. DirecTV software update locks up HD DVRs nationwide -- reset twice to fix

    It looks like one of DirecTV's astronauts had more trouble flipping switches than their DISH counterparts, after a software or guide date update last night knocked out HD DVRs all over -- and not for the first time. Currently the only advice needed to get back in working order is to reset the...
  5. ESPN sees 3D penetration surpassing DVRs by 2019

    For those wondering why ESPN is so eagerly launching a dedicated 3D channel, VP Sean Bratches was on stage at a 3DTV conference in NYC comparing it favorably to the launch of ESPN HD. The HD launch was mostly concentrated on smaller cable providers, while ESPN 3D is kicking off with DirecTV...
  6. TiVo, Technicolor cut a deal to push DVRs internationally

    Don't expect TiVo's international ambitions to stop with Virgin Media, as it's announced a deal with Technicolor (formerly Thomson) to develop "an advanced, TiVo-ready, high definition PVR set-top box" (sounds like Premiere to us, but one can never be sure.) Technicolor is putting TiVo's...
  7. RCN ready to ship TiVo Premiere DVRs in D.C.

    Washington D.C. residents who want TiVo and their cable company's video on-demand are in luck -- our friends at ZatzNotFunny gave us the heads up they're the first to get access to RCN's Premiere box. Of course, you don't get the slick new HD interface (yet) but all in all that could be a good...