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  1. Clearwave Dynamics kit build (L/R/C)

    DIY Speakers
    "Let's just say that I have a number in mind and I haven't hit it yet." --Clooney (Up in the Air) The Dynamics have 7 drivers each. My surrounds are dipoles w/ 4 drivers each. Rear surrounds are simple 2 driver bookshelfs. And 2*18" subs. So once complete, I will have 7*3+4*2+2*2+2=35 drivers...
  2. Induction Dynamics

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) '13 Show Coverage
    Induction Dynamics - Room 457 The system configuration included: Component | MSRP Induction Dynamics 2013 ID1 speakers | $15,000 / pair OPPO BDP-105 (source) | $1,200 McIntosh MT-10 turntable | $10,500 McIntosh C2500 Tube Preamp | $7,000 McIntosh MC452 Amp | $8,500 Kimber Kable cables...
  3. Steiger Dynamics Unveils Liquid Cooled Home Theater PC

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Home Theater Magazine
  4. Dynamics Processors (Compressors, Expanders, Limiters, Gates)

    Pro Audio
    The link below is to a good outline of the basic technology and application of these devices all in one place, in a very clear, concise and complete form for anyone wanting a tutorial, refresher or some cool application tips. http://www.rane.com/note155.html This is a subset of Audio Signal...
  5. Image Dynamics

    Members DIY Subwoofer Database
    Image Dynamics Owner-"woody77" 15" IDQ15 D4 v2 - 2.8 cu.ft. (81 Liters) sealed. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/sealed-subwoofer-build-projects/26597-image-dynamics-idq15-d4-v2-build.html
  6. Image Dynamics IDQ15 D4 v2 build

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I've been working on the next gen of my home subwoofer, figured I'd post it to add to the collection. Driver: Image Dynamics IDQ15 D4 v2 Fs = 21.5 Qes = .309 Qms = 6.1 Qts = .280 Vas = 258 liters Xmax = 13.5mm (linear excursion) Xlim = 25mm (spider's very non-linear, so not easily getting to...
  7. Pro Dynamics

    Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Pro Dynamics [email protected]