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    Easter is a very special holidy for us Christians. Just wanted to share how much I appreciate Sonnie all you guys & for what you have made this forum to be. As we give thanks to our Savior for all he has done for us, lets also remember each other in our prayers. Happy Easter!
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    Happy Easter God Bless
  4. Testing
    If you've snagged this week's Avatar Extended Collector's Edition on blu-ray even though you're really waiting for it to come out in 3D, you're in luck. AVSForum poster josephcoatar discovered that by fiddling with the menus, you can unlock an Easter Egg that pops up tow 3D special features...
  5. Chat Box SWAMP
    Just wanted to say Happy Easter to Everyone. Even if you don't celebrate, I hope the day is sunny and warm. My kids were up at 7 and the Easter Bunny seems to be shopping at more expensive places than when I was a kid. The poor, poor, spoiled children. Have a great day. Matteo
  6. Chat Box SWAMP
    Well, it is time to get ready for church with the nephew and his folks (notice how they don't really count on Easter) followed by eggs and BBQ! He is four so this is a fun time of year! Happy Easter, all.... John