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  1. ECM8000 & Macbook Pro - Advice Needed ?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I'm hoping someone here can give me some help. I am interested in learning how to use REW and need to invest in a microphone. The Behringer ECM8000 seems to be a good starting point but currently I am using an older generation MacBook Pro (2.16 Ghz Intel Core Duo) running Mac OS X 10.5.8. I...
  2. Help: Presonus Firebox and ECM-8000 Set Up

    REW Forum
    I want to use the FireBox and ECM-8000. I also have a Radio Shack 33-4050 SPL meter. I have the Following questions: 1. Can I use 2 outputs of the FireBox for L and R to the preamp of my stereo system? Or do I have to use only one output and use a splitter ? 2. Should I use the "MAIN...
  3. ECM8000 + xlr to usb adapter

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hello guys I came here to get some suggestions to buy my "measurement set", I was thinking about buying an EMC8000 and an USB to XLR adapter like this one http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Tutorial%20images/Tech/laptop-audio-interfaces/blue-icicle-660-80.jpg or something similar. That's...
  4. Behringer ECM8000 measurement positioning help please.

    REW Forum
    which direction to point a Behringer ECM8000 when measuring with REW in my HT ? towards the front speakers/sub ? or up at the ceiling ? or is it truly omnidirectional and it doesn't really matter ? *it will be on an ear height stand in the center of my listening position*
  5. What company to use to calibrate my ECM8000?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Anyone know of a good company to use to calibrate my ECM8000 Just bought? I bought a used one for 30 bucks and now just need to get it calibrated. I also new to this whole getting a mic calibrated. When I get it done do they just give me a cal. file that I can use in REW? What exactally do they...
  6. Help setting up ECM-8000 please

    REW Forum
    So I've tried and tried to get in contact w/ Behringer but they never reply to my emails, and have no support number that I know of. The ECM-8000 came w/ no manual, and I've scoured the Internet for any pdf of the sort. I would greatly appreciate some advice and/or links as to how to set this...
  7. ECM8000 placement for calibration

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Good evening I was trying to get some measurement to determine the best placement for my sub and for seating location and during the last attempt i somehow hit the ecm8000 mic and it ended up 90 degree straight up (toward ceiling) instead of toward speakers and i got better measurement So...
  8. ECM8000 with Xenyx502

    REW Forum
    Thanks to your great software and guides I have installed REW and have learned a lot. I bought an ECM8000 mic and Xenyx502 as this set up has been recommended elswhere in this forum. My problem is that I can't get the mic to work. I Unplugged the mic and looked for a phantom voltage on pins of...
  9. Uncalibrated Behringer ECM8000 worth it to get started?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi guys im new to all this iv just started reading about it today and have been trolling through these forums. Basically iv been looking at acoustic treatment for my small studio room which led me onto downloading REW. Iv spent a few hours looking into what i would need to get started. And...
  10. measurement failed using ECM8000 / TASCAM US-144 MKII USB

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I tried for days now but not get any decent graph anymore out of REW. It was working in the beginning but after another week I wanted to test again and have problems since. What I noticed is that after calibrating the SPL in REW it will not fall down from 75dB to lets say 50dB. When...
  11. FS: ECM8000 by Cross Spectrum Labs

    Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    Up for sale is a calibrated ECM8000. Has not only the frequency response in calibration but polar response as well. Calibration files included at the small CD that CSL included with my purchase. Was bought last June. $70 shipped. OK- $60 Read more: FS: Calibrated Behringer ECM8000 by Cross...
  12. FS: Behringer DSP1124P, ECM8000, UB802 all NIB

    Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    ALL SOLD to JasonpcTech.
  13. Something better instead of ECM8000

    REW Forum
    Hi I am using REW for couple of years, but quite sporadically - when I change something in an audio chain or inside the room. This week I ordered Vicoustic Veri Bass, hoping that it will help to flatten a bit the spikes (see attached)...
  14. FS: Calibrated Behringer ECM8000 by Cross Spectrum Labs

    Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    Sold Up for sale is a calibrated ECM8000. Has not only the frequency response in calibration but polar response as well. Calibration files included at the small CD that CSL included with my purchase. Willing to sacrifice at $70 shipped. PM if you think the price is outrageous. I have extra...
  15. Just got REW, next ETF

    New Member Introductions
    I've been doing audio measurements for a long time (1971 or so I did my first mind-blowing oscilloscope sweep) but never really got serious about room modes and reflections until the past two months. I've also been doing parametric EQ based room correction for 5 years or so. First in my...
  16. SUPERLUX ECM 999 vs Behringer ECM8000

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Has enyone tried this mic before?
  17. Help! Full Frequency Sweep with ECM8000

    REW Forum
    hi i've just moved my studio into a new room, it's untreated so far but i have set up my speakers and run a few sweeps to see how things are looking. to be honest i'm not 100% sure what i'm doing but i tried to follow the guides as best i could! my system for recording these: behringer...
  18. Need help setting up ECM8000 for REW!

    REW Forum
    hi i've been reading around on here and the help guides but can't seem to figure this out properly... basically i have my genelec active monitors plugged into the outputs of my saffire soundcard, all working perfectly, but i'd like to take a REW measurement, so i bought a behringer...
  19. REW first-timer: orientation of ECM8000 mic?

    REW Forum
    Hi all A quick (and I think simple!) question from a first-time REW user. I want to use REW with a Behringer ECM8000 mic and no SPL-meter to check the speaker/room response of my home-audio system. This will be with a view to adding some room-treatment solutions, such as bass-traps and dealing...
  20. DEQ2496 + ECM8000, what now?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi all, I'm new here. English is not my primary language so please be patient :innocent: I've just bought two behringer deq2496 and an ecm8000 mic to calibrate my home theater. One deq will be used for the front speakers and the other for sub and center speaker. Since I'm 100% newbie about...