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  1. Eeek... Wife Moving at Light Speed!

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Long story short... we are renovating the house to sell at some point in a year or two, and my wife has agreed to let me move the HT into a bigger room. Problem is, she's making decisions faster than the light from my plasma can reach my spinning head (so I have little time for research today)...
  2. Krell > Denon... ewww yuck eeek yikes

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Well my X4000 has began resetting all the time so I'm sending it off for warranty. In the mean time I bought a X1100W to use (I bought it for the wife for her TV downstairs to use w/ the tiny NHT speakers I used previously) Needless to say... going from the X4000 as a preamp/processor and...