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  1. DIY: Most effective way to get low end results

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Which of these combos would you do and why? I want the deepest extension and best midbass slam. My room is 13.5 x 33 x 9 with a stairwell running up to the main floor. About ~4000 cubic feet total. 4 x Mach5 Pi-18 ($2120) 1 x LG Clone FP10000Q ($930) $3.05K + enclosures (14cf) 6 x Fi Q18...
  2. Effective System

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Cobbled together over the years is my current system: Paradigm Studio 40 v.2, Studio CC 450 v.2, Studio ADP 450 v.2 DIY 15" subwoofer, featuring Rotel amplification and Solobaric driver:hsd: Marantz SR5004 AVR Panasonic DVD-H1000 DVD player:spend: DVDO Iscan video processor Sony KDL-46W3000 LCD...
  3. blue screen problem: cost effective repair?

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hey, I was hoping someone knows more about this 'blue screen' problem that some lcd projectors, particularly Panasonic projectors (eg pt-ax100u) are having, specifically whether the issue is something that can be repaired/replaced relatively cheaply if labor is performed diy as it could save a...
  4. Effective Port length

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    is there any way that an irregular sized port would have an effective equivalent length to that of an "normal" port for winisd modeling. Because my port have a 3.8" outer diameter then after 4" in length the diameter is reduced to 3.5" and after about 2" in length it would finally come to 3.25"...
  5. Basstraps not effective?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello. I've been playing around with REW and my basstraps today, to measure the effect. Well, set up REW, took a few readings of the room as it is now (1M, 8sweeps), and then removed all the acoustics panels I have. That is one corner trap (60cm face, 85cm tall, one 2'x4'x4" sheet cut in 8)...
  6. Volume versus effective volume?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Well I've been reading through the forms was inspired to start on a sono tube project. So I got the sonosub calculator and started playing some numbers and decided to get a 24 inch diameter tube 12 feet long and cut it in half for 6 foot per sub I guess. I thought The effective volume ment the...