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  1. Home Audio Acoustics
    I couldn't find any threads were people tried to measure bass trap effectiveness (no bass trap then add bass trap etc) so I did a simple experiment. I measured the reponse with an untreated room, then added one floor to ceiling superduper chunk column in the right rear, then added another...
  2. Home Audio Acoustics
    First a little background... I recently won seven 4'x2' bass traps in a raffle. I need to decide how many, if any, I am going to keep. Those I don't keep I'll give to a guy who needs them (and will get me a good price on a 1080p projector in the future). My room is small, 10.5'Wx18'Lx8'H. More...
  3. Home Audio Acoustics
    I treated my room with some DIY panels over the weekend (a combination of 2" and 4" thick panels on the front wall with 2" panels at the reflection points) and am going to be putting in bass traps hopefully next weekend. I don't think I can get built in super chunks past my wife at this point...
1-3 of 3 Results