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  1. Home Theater Projectors
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to hook an aftermarket 11v trigger to an epson 3020 projector. I'm new to the home theatre seen I bought the projector then realized it did not have a 12v trigger. The place I bought my screen online sent my a trigger but no instructions on how to hook it to...
  2. Audio Processing
    I am not sure this is the right Forum to ask for help re Xover. I have been using the Energy EAC Crossover for many months. This morning , I decided to bypass the Xover so I made some interconnect changes. After testing my speakers without Xover , I reconnected the Xover and now suddenly I...
  3. Two Channel Audio
    Does anyone have any experience with electronic room correction? Does it work well through all frequency ranges? Does it have any impact on sound stage presentation? Regards, Mike
  4. REW Forum
    ANY ONE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM? Trying to do a measure with a Tc Electronic Konnect 8 and there is no input audio. I´ve tryed all configuration opcions and nothing happends. ANY ONE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM?
  5. Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Peak Electronic Design Ltd http://www.peakelec.co.uk West Road House West Road Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 6HF United Kingdom +44 (0)1298 70012 +44 (0)1298 70046 fax [email protected] Peak makes several very useful small, portable test devices including a capacitance/ESR meter and...
  6. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi guys, Its been a while since I felt the need to reconfigure my HT setup. I have a question about the Bheringer DSP unit that functions as a x-over and also a eq. I currently have 24db per octave Marchand Electronic homemade gear with thier trim pots. I also have three Bheringer parametric...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I found the site by googling convergence repair. Very impressed with the diverse variety of info on the site....I thought it was only DIY repair support. Once I get my TV fixed/replaced I plan to upgrade the receiver for my theater. I'll check here for advice. If I dont fix it I'll...
  8. Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    AES Architectural Electronic Systems Pty Ltd http://aesautomation.com.au/index.html Unit 11/104-106 Ferntree Gully Road Oakleigh VIC Australia 3166 +61 3 9558 6607 (03) 9558 6607 (03) 9558 6660 fax [email protected] The objective of Architectural Electronic Systems - AES - is to not...
  9. DIY Speakers
    As a way to speed up my prototyping, I was thinking about getting a DCX2496 electronic crossover and bi/triamping speakers. If nothing else, it would be fun to play with. I had a few questions for owner or just bi/tri amp people in general> 1) Bi or triamp a three way? Based on available...
  10. General Service and Technical Information
    First gather the information recommended in the What to Do When Something Breaks sticky thread. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/manufacturers-service-support/4454-what-do-when-something-breaks.html Look in the Manufacturer and Vendor Reference Information forum...
  11. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Ii am looking to build a curtain system that is cost effective for my HT. Any suggestion is welcome, just nothing in the range of $300 per window or somehting ridiculous.
1-11 of 12 Results