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  1. Can we consider that ethernet or RS-232 (RS-485) networks have no ground connection between the two ends of each cable?

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    This is for a huge home theater. I have a power transformer that converts 380VAC between two legs of a 3-phase power system down to 230VAC, with a center-tap of the secondary being our "neutral" for this secondary. (FYI, there are three such transformers, connected between phases A and B; B and...
  2. How to get your guitars pushed into the extreme ends in the stereo width?

    Pro Audio
    Hi everyone, I am working on a track that has too many elements in the mid region - the rhythm guitars, lead guitars, snare, vocals. So I tried panning, didn't work as I want the mid region to have quite a lot of room for the kick, bass, snare and vocals to fit in. I tried the Waves S1 imager...
  3. Need quick DIY screen help (SW paint sale ends tomorrow!)

    DIY Screens
    Hello everyone! Long time lurker here but just registered a few minutes ago, so this is my first real post. For well over a year I've been thinking about painting either my wall or some Sintra (Komatex) that I can obtain inexpensively through a friend who owns a sign shop. I noticed several...
  4. Tinning the ends of speaker wire, good or bad

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    So without getting into really deep discussion, is tinning (soldering) the ends of the speaker wires a good or a bad thing? My EVs don't have the normal binding posts (just a nut type thread on) so to keep the strands from separating under the pressure I have soldered the 12awg copper together...
  5. It Never Ends

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    I have not updated my pictures on Webshots as I intend in the next few months to update my Outlaw 990 to the new upcoming and soon to be released 978. I think that this is a great hobby and one that seems to keep on ticking. Everyday there is something new, better, and more convienent. Another...
  6. Boosting low ends with a BFD1124 ?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    so i am almost finished building 4 sealed subs and picking up a bfd1124 to help flat the response, but most importantly want to boost the low ends of the sealed subs. i read Wayne's article on minimal eq and hard knee house curve article, but unfortunately much of it was over my head. but i...
  7. Poll: Lost ends this weekend, are you ready?

    It's been a long, strange road, but we're finally nearing the end. The series finale of Lost airs at 9 p.m. tomorrow (there's a "newly enhanced" version of the pilot airing tonight at 8, and a two hour event before the finale tomorrow at 7 p.m.) and we just want to know who is still on board...
  8. Mach 5 Audio (Australia) "15% Off!" Sale ends this Saturday!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Affordable Drivers' Opening Sale :wave: Ends this Saturday! For those of you in Australia or New Zealand - Get your Mach 5 Audio drivers at 15% off - sale ends Saturday 12th July 2008: www.affordabledrivers.com.au
  9. 2 15" on a baffle against ceiling corner (open ends)

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello guys, Preface: I built a nice 12" 8cu.ft MLTL sub 4 years ago that served well both for movies and music. Now i built new OB mains with 15" drivers and they go down to 30Hz and I'm amazed by OB bass and now the TL sub sounds boomy. Plus for movies it's very weak (I now realize that) So...