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  1. Sub preamp for EP2500

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    Been out of the game for a while but have been lurking around the forums to slowly get back in to things and see what the latest and greatest is...been using a Behringer ultragain mic2000 for sub pre amp, it finally took a dump and I’m on the prowl for a new preamp for my ep2500 for sub duties...
  2. Powering sealed JL 13w7 EP2500 or XLS 2502

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    So I plan on building a sealed JL 13w7 with EQ to hit 20hz flat, to power that little beast I was wondering if I should get an Behringer EP2500 or a Crown XLS 2502. Personally I'd like to go with the Crown, better efficiency + no need of mods for silence, but I wonder if it can handle the task...
  3. Connect Sony STR-DN1050 to EP2500 for mains

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    Title states it all. I'm trying to hook up my DN1050 to a spare EP2500 for my L and R mains. To my knowledge and from the research I've done, the DN1050 does not have any outputs for external amps, other than for the LFE. When I bought the DN1050, I didn't plan on using external amps...
  4. Amp Wiring Impedance Help - Behringer EP2500

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hey guys, got a question for wiring up my Behringer EP2500 amp. For the past two years I have been running a Eminance Eminator 15" 4-ohm SVC in a custom box for the past 2 years with GOOD results but recently came across an awesome deal on a triple 12" vented car audio sub box. (keep in mind I...
  5. What 15" pair of subs to buy for EP2500 Behringer??

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    Hello All, I am looking to add a pair of 15"s to my dedicated home theater. The room is about 1300 cubic feet. I am going to be using a Behringer 2500 Amp to power the subs. I am looking at Dayton subs, they have a lot of great reviews and the price is right around my budget. I am going...
  6. Cant get sound from my Marantz 7007 to my Behringer EP2500. PLEASE HELP..

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey Everyone, I have gone the route of external amp to power my Subs. I have a Marantz 7007 receiver and I'm trying to hook my Behringer EP2500 amp to it. This setup is being used for a dedicated home theater. I unplugged my working powered sub from the RCA jack, plugged in a XLR to RCA...
  7. SOLD: Europower/Behringer EP2500 (2x1200 Watts)For Sale $175 OBO -- Dallas Texas -- SOLD

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    All, I have a basically new Europower/Behringer EP2500 Amplifier. There is no visible wear and functions perfectly. This thing was used for a few moths when i was in college but then stored away in its original box and not used. It has been stored indoors the entire time -- never in a garage...
  8. Home Amp vs Pro Amp - Emotiva XPR-5 vs Behringer EP2500

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    There has been quite a bit of discussion over the years about whether there is any difference in the sound of amps. It seems that opinions are pretty much split down the middle. My opinion is that most competent amps are going to sound very much alike on most of the average speakers out there...
  9. EP2500: Could I........?

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    Hi there. So there is a possibility that I'll be adding a 3rd SI 18" sub to my system. My current subs are dual 2 ohm models and I have them wired in series to themselves and then each connected to its own channel on the amp. This gives me a stereo 4 ohm load on the amp. If I were to add a...
  10. WTB Behringer ep2500 or ep4000

    Classifieds - Wanted
    WTB a behringer ep2500 or ep4000 for a ht setup. also if you have a inline voltage converter for sale also i would be interested in purchasing that also.
  11. EP2500 Power Output

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    For you amp techs... I am currently powering 4 Fi Q18's (2 x 2 at 4Ω) with a pair of EP2500's... tested at about 1800-1900 watts max into 4Ω for each pair of Q18's... which are about 92db sensitivity. I am also powering 2 Audiopulse 15's (1 x 2 at 4Ω) with another pair of EP2500's...
  12. TC Sounds Epic 12/Behringer EP2500

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I am looking to build a small sealed sub using a TC Epic 12. I have an EP2500 from a previous build. Will the EP2500 be way too much for the sub using just one channel? I plan to build a second sub in a few more months and would use the second channel on the EP 2500. Thanks in advance for...
  13. FS: Behringer EP2500 With Fan Mod-$275 Firm

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    Hello all, I purchased 2 of these amps off of Ebay, did the fan Mods, with hopes of building 2 DIY subs. Well, my wife quickly caught on to me and i have negotiated to one DIY sub. That being said, I have not used the amp yet, but it does power on without concerns or issues. I would have to...
  14. [Problem] New EP2500 Amp Problems (Behringer)

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    Hi, I bought a New Ep2500, first thing i noticed that the four small screws on top of the amp were scratched and loose so the unit was opened some time. (other screws are also scratched with a screwdriver) second, if i turn the unit of, after like 5 sec the CLIP led starts blinking once every...
  15. WTB -- EP2500

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    Anybody have a ep2500 lying around not being used?? thanks rich
  16. EP2500, dual RL-p15 LLT, dual 3015LF

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Ok, I've got dual RL-p15 LLT sonotubes, ~14Hz tune. They are the D2, serial coils, so dual 4Ohm load. I use them as LFE and >40Hz for the satelites. Now, being LLT they are a little lacking up towards the midbass area, and I would like to augment them a little up there. I have three Eminence...
  17. EP2500 Pops Loudly When Receiver Turns ON

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    Good evening, I have two 15" Dayton Reference HF subs each in their own sealed enclosure powered by a behringer EP2500. I'm bumping the signal with an s-convert box and my receiver is a yamaha rx-v663x. It doesn't matter what order I power up the components but when the receiver finishes...
  18. ep2500 no sound

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    Hooked up second ep2500 today and no sound power light and fan come on so amp show power but nothing else. Stuff I have done so far. dips are set same as other amp, have traded xlr cable with other amp both cables work fine with other amp, traded speeker wire with othe amp both work, checked new...
  19. FS: Behringer EP2500 Amp w/ Fan Mod

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    $225 + actual shipping costs (price per amp). For sale are my Behringer EP2500 amplifiers that already have the fan mod done to them. I have a total of two amps, both are in mint condition (no scratches, never rack mounted, and hardly used at all). I have all original materials (shipping...
  20. FS: Behringer EP2500 - $200!

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    This is fan modded and is in mint condition. Great piece. Never caused any problems, never clipped. SOLD (see below) Do not have box. Buyer pays shipping - I will have it shipped the best I can but I will not send a refund until a career refund is sent to me if it is damaged (will be packaged...