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  1. subwoofer equalizer?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    i have been searing various forums to try to find this answer. what is the current favorite product for sub eq. i have been reading threads from the last 10-15 years and am having a hard time trying to keep the timelines straight. the BFD used to be the go to but its no longer available? The...
  2. Equalizer Settings

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a 5.1 CH Blu-ray Home entertainment System. I'm not a huge electronics person, so forgive me if my terminology is off. It consists of 2 side speakers in the front, the same in back, a central speaker, and a subwoofer. I'm wondering what the best equalizer settings are. I love getting...
  3. Equalizer for mac w multiple outputs

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi All - this is my first post here and I'd like to solicit your opinions about how to best manage all the eq on my loudspeakers sets. I run all the audio in my home from my mac-mini via HDMI, 2 USBs and Apple TV all going to different amps and speakers. I'd like to apply unique equalization to...
  4. Should I get a Sub Equalizer for my 3 subs in this mostly opened basement?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hello, So I have 2 HSU VTF-15H MK1 subs and an MWF15 sandwiched between then right behind my couch on my unfinished basement which has mostly opened space. The theater is not centered but if you imagine the whole basement split on two sides, I am centered on one half of that space and I sit...
  5. Which equalizer to choose in REW?

    REW Forum
    Hello, I consider to get a new multi-channels receiver. It has as an EQ function with a possibility of 10 filters per channels with the following values: BAND 1 Freq :20Hz - 80Hz, 1Hz Step Default 40 Hz BAND 2 Freq: 20Hz - 80Hz, 1Hz Step Default 60 Hz BAND 3 Freq: 81Hz -...
  6. Create REW equalizer setting for Yamaha's YPAO P-EQ

    REW Forum
    Hi! I am currently approximating the 7 band manual P-EQ of my Yamaha RX-A2050 by "eye" and lots of try and error. Would it be possible to create some custom Equalizer setting for REW like miniDSP, nanoAVR, etc so it knows the restrictions and enables the use of automatic response matching...
  7. REW and APO Equalizer

    Audio Processing
    Hello guys, sorry for my english but I'm french. I begin the room correction for my 7.1 system and I have 1 question. I use REW with UMIK-1 and AISO4ALL for calibration (with HTPC -> Onkyo nr609 by HDMI). I make all filters and add to APO equalizer to correct audio, but for the player (MPC-BE) I...
  8. The Equalizer - Blu-ray Review

    Official DVD and Blu-ray Reviews
  9. Home Stereo Equalizer Do I need one?

    Audio Processing
    Hello Forum Members: I am interested in this http://www.amazon.com/ART-Dual-Band-Graphic-Equalizer/dp/B0002E50WM Equalizer. Would this make a difference in the sound my stereo outputs? I currently have a 3 channel setup. R and L with a powered sub. I am also using a D1 24-bit DAC by audioengine.
  10. Installed Equalizer APO - no sound

    System Setup and Connection
    Help! No sound at all - is it compatible with IDT HD sound???
  11. Review: Yamaha YDP2006 Digital Parametric Equalizer

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Yamaha’s Stunning YDP2006 Digital Parametric Equalizer Back in the summer of 2007, I was ready to call it quits after a year-and-a-half with the ubiquitous Behringer DSP1124 Feedback Destroyer I was using to equalize my subwoofers. It had always been a love/hate relationship with the BFD...
  12. Equalizer APO Compatible Example Configs

    REW Forum
    Hello, I'm new to REW and I'm trying to see if Equalizer APO can help me configure my setup, so that all the channels would sound more "lively", instead of plain flat. The problem is, that I'm currently unable to try and optimize my Equalizer APO settings by using REW, since my computer is in...
  13. Graphic Equalizer in my AVR-891

    REW Forum
    I know Audyssey does a pretty good job at setting Room EQ, but I'm sure REW could do even better. REW gives much more detailed correction filters meant for a parametric EQ, how do these values translate into a simplified graphic EQ? For example, Frequency 42.6, Gain -13.1, Q 6.99, how would...
  14. miniDSP as 12-band equalizer per channel

    REW Forum
    Hello, i would like to ask if it is right to calulate 12 eq filters with REW and then split the first 6 bands to the input equalizer of miniDSP and the rest 6 bands to the output equalizer so as to make it work as 12 band equalizer per channel.
  15. How do I create equalizer settings for the CP-800?

    REW Forum
    I'm trying to find a way to use the EQ tool in REW to get applicable settings for my CP-800. I generally use the "Generic" equalizer, and limit the number of PEQ's to 5, but I cannot find away to limit the Freq, Gain & Q. More often than not the Q will be far larger than what is allowed by...
  16. Graphics Equalizer

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Can some one please tell me how i may connect a Akai Graphics Equalizer to a Yamaha RX-V795a recxeiver
  17. Basic v-shaped rock Equalizer

    REW Forum
    As the title implies I am looking for a basic V-Shaped Rock or Latin Equalizer for my sound card on my computer. I downloaded REW for use with Equalizer APO and I am seeing if anyone would be willing to show me a config file that I can cut and paste into APO config file for that eq setup. I...
  18. Room correction at the source computer or at a separate equalizer?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hello. I'd like to understand from those with experience when it is better to use DSP at the source and when to use an equalizer? My system is made of a very old laptop running Win XP, JRiver 19, files are externally stored in a HDD. The computer is the only source I use. After the laptop...
  19. Sound card + Equalizer APO VS Behringer FBQ2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have tried to eliminate my room modes with REW in generic mode, APO equalizer, Laptop onboard sound card, behringer ecm8000, behringer xenyx 802 and pioneer 1018. Although i finished the process and the curve seemed satisfactory, the real world result was dissapoiniting. I tried raising bass...
  20. EQ filters settings

    REW Forum
    Hello! Totally new to this audiostuff. How to decide, what are the best settings for my EQ filters? I'm just setting it up to create a configuration for Equalizer APO. I have Creative 2.1 speakers with 20W (?) subwoofer thats turned on "minimum" but bass is still too loud for my little room. I...