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  1. Asus Essence STX ii power cable?

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    Finishing up my subwoofer build and thought I might as well upgrade my computer's sound card before I start doing testing. Long story short, if there are any Essence STX ii users on here, can you tell me how the you are powering this card?:frown: It doesn't come with a power cable which is dumb...
  2. Essence Eliminates Dealers to Cut Prices on Its Electrostatic Speakers (Model 1200, Model 1600)

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    The Internet has brought us quite a bit in the last 20 years, most of it life-enhancing. For audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts it has delivered incredible access to price-defying audio gear. We’ve witnessed the rise of several successful Internet Direct (ID) audio companies that have...
  3. Xonar Essence STX-II and Muses

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    The Xonar Essence STX-II has taken a play from its older brother the STX/ST http://www.asus.com/Essence_HiFi_Audio/Essence_STX_II_71/ . It can now accept the H6 daughter card (before only the PCI ST and HDMI based HDAV 1.3 could accept the daughter card) and the STX has the improved tcxo clock...