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  1. Eurorack UB802 v XENYX 502/802

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi, First post. Just got REW and trying to get prepared to take some measurements of my audio room to figure out room treatments needed. I've been reaading a lot of the threads but I'm confused at this point. The REW Cabling and Connection Basics Guide says Xenyx 802 then 502 but shows a...
  2. Behringer EURORACK totally not flat

    REW Forum
    I just wanted to calibrate my "soundcard" for measuring my room, when I found a strange, smooth, but not flat curve. I use a M-Audio Delta 1010LT - internal PCI soundcard and usually connect it to my Behringer EURORACK UB1204FX -"PRO" to use microphones for recording and playback on different...
  3. BEHRINGER EURORACK MXB1002 any good?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hey guys is the BEHRINGER EURORACK MXB1002 mixer anygood someone's selling one for 30 bucks if its any good i can add it to my ep 4000 and tx-607 Yeah or Ney?? cheers, KrazyBassKevin
  4. Behringer EURORACK UB802 or XENYX 802?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I was on my way out the door to buy a mixer and noticed the thread "REW Cabling and Connection Basics" stated "REW connections using an ECM8000 microphone and XENYX802 preamp (recommended combo)" but the picture shows the Behringer EURORACK UB802. I assume there is a difference or Behringer...